December 31, 2010

Play by Play

6:00 - Jackson is asleep early.He slept horrible the night before and would only take one 30min nap today. Even though he went down easy, I'm thinking we're in for another rough night.

6:23 - Oh what a shock! Crying and screaming uncontrollably. Lay him back down in crib and put my hand on his chest. Feeling my back tighten as I hunch in a pretzel like shape over his crib.

6:33 - Remove hand and start to tip toe out. Damn you creaky floors!! Crying begins again. I leave the room hoping he'll fall asleep.

6:56 - Has not stopped crying and I think I might join him. Go back in room and rock him in the glider. Falls asleep. Put him in crib and try to sneak away. Spidey senses alert Jackson of my maneuver and crying begins again. I leave the room anyways.

7:15 - Unbelievably he is still crying. This stubborn streak does not come from me! Go into room and sit next to his crib and hold his hand.

7:22 - He settles and appears to be asleep. So I let go of his hand. How dumb am I? Cue crying so I hold his hand and he stops crying. This is friggin' ridiculous!

7:28 - He has let go of my hand and is standing in the crib trying to talk to me. I ignore him and keep quiet. Trying hard not to laugh at his attempts to engage me in conversation.

7:33 - The Little Fucker is now playing with his crib toys and is laughing. I have a feeling he's laughing at me.

7:41 - I've inched my way to the door, he's started to notice. His baby talk is starting to sound angry but he continues to play. The dog is looking at me like I'm crazy and I'm starting to agree.

7:49 - Sitting at the door, it's slightly ajar. Debating if I should make my move.

7:50 - Think I'm going to do it. I'm going to open the door wider. Little Fucker is still playing behind me. Happy giggles and the jangling of crib toys can be heard.

7:52 - Crap! I think he saw me. Keeping very still, I'm almost in the hall. Afraid to turn around but playing has stopped.

7:55 - Has started yelling "dada" at my back as I sit in the hall. Never a good sign.

7:58 - Silence. Thought he might have gone down. I stupidly look over my shoulder and delighted squeals come from the crib. The dog and I are now fully in the hall. All we have to do is close the door.

8:00 - I heard a yawn from behind me so I close the door. He starts to cry, scream and fake cough all at the same time. He is PISSED OFF!!

8:07 - Still not letting up, he is in full on tantrum mode. I seriously don't know who he gets this from? Am debating my next move but am going to wait it out for a bit longer to see who will win this game of chicken.

8:11 - Silence. Could it be?

8:12 - Nope.

8:19 - Stretches of silence are increasing. Do I jinx myself and say he's finally falling asleep?

8:22 - I'm such a sucker. Have gone back in for another round. Am greeted by a tear stained, snot nosed baby who is standing and trying to catch his breath as he sobs.

8:23 - Almost falls asleep in my arms instantly. Poor overtired baby. Looking at him all warm and quiet makes me think he isn't such a Little Fucker after all.

8:25 - Continues to twitch and fight just as he's about to fall into a deep sleep. Am thinking my exit strategy will have involve a three stage process.

8:30 - Mission commences. Have stopped rocking and am sitting in the glider, he remains quiet and appears to be asleep. Phase two: As delicately as I can with a 22 lbs baby I attempt to gracefully stand and walk to the crib without any disruptions. Everything is looking good so far. Final phase: gently place the grenade (aka. sleeping baby) in the crib and hope it doesn't detonate.

8:33 - Success?!? After 2 hours, I have all my fingers and toes crossed that he is officially asleep. Hoping that I will not be ringing in the New Year in my son's room.

9:02 - Breaking open a well deserved bottle of wine!

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December 23, 2010

Santa Picture

I've been wanting to post this picture for awhile but for some reason or another just haven't. This is Jackson's first official Santa picture. I personally think Santa was just calling it in this year. Look at the eyes you can totally tell he's not smiling. Tyra would say he needs more "smeyes". Next year we will be holding better auditions ;) I have a feeling next year Santa will be smiling and Jackson not so much.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

December 20, 2010

Christmas Came Early

We got our ornament today from the Holiday Ornament Swap organized by Offering of Love. Not only were we lucky enough to get an amazing ornament, but it was also an ornament that keeps on giving because the proceeds from the ornament go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

We were so fortunate to get our our ornament from the ladies at Looking for a Little Turtle. To say they have a lot so their plate right now is an understatement. So HUGE hugs and kisses to them for such a beautiful tree decoration and for taking the time to send us something so pretty. The picture below doesn't do it justice. Jackson has given it his full seal of approval. Next year they'll have TWO little ones opening up ornaments!!

And to the person who I have I'm beyond horrible for waiting so close to the holidays to get yours out but I swear it's on the way!

December 16, 2010

More Changes

So much to talk about I don’t even know where to start. This has been one crazy year!

In 2010:
1. We had Jackson
2. Sold our house
3. Moved to a different country
4. Amy started a new job with her same company
5. We travelled to the Dominican for my sister’s wedding (post on this to come later)
6. And to add to this list… I started a new job!

Amy and I “joke” that the only thing left on the list of big life events is a death and then we’ve experienced everything possible this year. For those who know me I HATE change so you can only imagine how excited I am for this year to be over and for the dust to settle a bit so we can slowly get into some sort of normalcy.

I’ve been at my new gig for a week now. I really like it! I’m getting to learn a lot of new things which is one of the reasons why I was interested in this position in the first place. But going from working from home to working downtown means a huge change from what our day used to be like for everyone. I think we’re all slowly adjusting. We’ve shifted Jackson’s bedtime later; he now goes to daycare full time and I have super mommy guilt about all of it. I’m hoping the daycare guilt soon. I HATE that because of my commute he is the first baby at daycare and one of the last to be picked up I think part of it might be weather related. I feel like Jackson and I never see the light of day. We leave when it’s dark and we come home when it’s dark. I feel like a write the following words in every post but here it goes anyway…I know it will get better. Hell, look at all the changes we’ve tackled so far and we’re still standing.