August 14, 2010

Rolling Pro

It's hard to believe this is the same boy who used to get stuck on his arm :)

August 10, 2010

Tuesday - Day 7

Oh Mommy,

There is so much that's happened. Remember when Mama said we were going somewhere special yesterday? Well Mama is a BIG FAT LIAR! You know where she took me Mommy?!? To the doctor! And you know what they did to me Mommy?!? They stuck things in my ears and my mouth and THEN they gave me two shots! I wish I could say I didn't cry, but I did, but only a little bit. Mama said I was a very brave boy and she was very proud of me. I got two very cool band-aids on my legs that had cars on them. I was so excited to show my friends at school, but Mama took them off during bath time so I had nothing to show my friends :(

Oh, guess what? I'm also a BIG BOY!! I weigh 18lbs 6oz and I'm 28 inches tall. I showed the doctor all the things I can do now like sitting up by myself and rolling over. Mama brought toys for me to play with but I didn't need them because I played with the fun crinkly paper that was on the bed. It made noise and I could tear it up and then put it in my mouth but then Mama took the pieces away and wouldn't let me put them in my mouth. She is so not fun.

I had a great day in school today. There is a new girl in my class, her name is Sarah she seems pretty nice but I think I'm going to stick with the girlfriends I have. Having three girlfriends would be too much so I think Sarah and I will only be friends. Miss. Cassandra says I am so good at sleeping now. Today at school I took a nap for 2 whole hours. I don't know if Mama told you but when I sleep in my crib I sleep on my tummy. It is sooo nice and comfy. Why didn't I sleep on my tummy before??

I better go to bed. I like bedtime more now that I can sleep on my tummy, even though Mama still says I have to follow the bedtime laws.

Two more sleeps until you come home Mommy!

August 8, 2010

Sunday - Day 5

Dear Mommy,

Today was soooo boring! We didn't do anything :( I woke up, ate, slept, pooped, ate, slept... see how boring! We did take a walk this morning but it was the same one as yesterday, so I wasn't impressed AT ALL! After I took a super long nap Mama said we could go to the Target, I was really excited because they have toys at the Target! But do you know what we bought, a sprinkler?!? What am I going to do with a sprinkler? Maybe when I'm a bigger boy I'll like it but I told Mama that she bought a super lame toy. So since I didn't get any new toys at the Target I just hung out on my belly most of the day trying to find fun things to do. See my bored face?

Mama made me some bananas to take to school tomorrow, she let me have a taste off her finger. It was very yummy and I got excited for dinner but then when it was dinnertime I had to eat the butternut squash she made. I've had butternut squash before, I wanted something new and exciting not more boringness.

I can't wait to go to school tomorrow where fun things happen and I'm not a bored baby! Mama says tomorrow is going to be a big day and she is going to pick me up early from school. She won't tell me where we're going and says I'll find out when I get there. This doesn't sound good.

Sloppy kisses,

Saturday - Day 4

Hi Mommy,

I'm sorry this letter is so late. I was out late celebrating my half birthday last night. We went to Tia Lili's house and I got to play with Tia Lili, Craig and Nell too. I had so much fun! Mama brought a weird baby crib with her that I got to sleep in. I was a good boy and went to sleep right away.

I had the best day yesterday! Mama said I slept sooo good so I could do whatever I wanted. So I picked lots of fun things to do. First we went on a super long walk. I loved it. It was so nice I almost fell asleep. Campbell came too and would bark so loud at the other doggies.

That walk made me soooo tired I couldn't stay awake at all. Mama was going to put me in my crib but it was my day and I could do whatever I wanted so I took a big long nap sleeping on Mama.

But the best part of the day was water time!! I had sooo much fun playing in the water with my cups. I splashed and splashed. It was the best! I even got Mama wet too.

It was the best half birthday EVER!!


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August 6, 2010

Friday - Day 3

Hola Mommy,

I have to whisper cause Mama thinks I'm sleeping. I have been playing a fun game with Mama. I will lay in my crib and cry and cry but she won't come right away so I roll on my tummy and cry louder. Then Mama comes!! I smile and laugh at her but she puts me on my back and then she leaves again. So I roll back on my tummy so she comes back :) It took her a long time to figure out I can roll back all by myself and didn't need her help to get on my back again. It was soooo funny!

Last night was not good. I woke up and cried lots so I didn't sleep much. I was soooo tired this morning that I fell asleep on the way to school. One second I was home and then I opened my eyes and I was at school. I wish I could close my eyes and open them and you would be home!

I heard Mama tell my teachers that I was a bad sleeper last night and that I would be a grumpy Gus today. So you know what, I was! All I wanted today was some alone time but everyone was up in my business. I played in the exasaucer and my friends would come over to play with the toys. I yelled at them to LEAVE ME ALONE! Then I played in the doughnut, I told them I was king of the doughnut and they needed to LEAVE ME ALONE! but they still came over and wanted to play so Miss. Amber blew some bubbles and I tried to pop them which made me VERY happy.

I was so excited for dinner! Mama said I would get to eat something new but then she said it was green beans and rice and I got very scared. I HATE rice cereal! But you know what? Green beans and rice is VERY tasty. I couldn't help making yummy noises and slapping my hands on my tray. Mmmmm...mmmm.

Oh no! I think I hear Mama coming to check on me. I gotta pretend to be sleeping.

Love you lots,

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August 5, 2010

Thursday - Day 2


I am so mad! I don't like Mama and her bedtime laws. I kept trying to talk to her about it all night long. I told her lots of times that I wanted to go to the big bed and drink milk and talk but she said I needed to stay in my baby crib because there was no room in the big bed cause Campbell was sleeping. I don't like Campbell!

Mama called me Cranky Pants McGee all morning, she would not listen to me when I would yell at her that my name is not Cranky Pants, it's Jackson Miles!! It ruined my whole morning and I yelled at everyone. Miss. Cassandra said I needed a nap so I took a long nap and when I woke up I wasn't mad anymore.

Did I tell you that I am a very handsome baby? Miss. Cassandra was taking pictures of me and my friends today so I had to look in the mirror lots to practice my cute face. I really like looking at myself. Good thing I am so handsome so it's not hard to do.

Even though I was not mad at school when Mama came to get me I got mad all over again. I couldn't help it, Mama knows how to push my buttons. She wasn't feeding me my butternut squash fast enough, she didn't make bath time fun and when she was drying me off she told me we are doing bedtime laws again tonight. So I think I'm going to go to bed fast tonight so I don't have to listen to her anymore.

Can you come home today and Mama go there?

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August 4, 2010

Wednesday - Day 1

Dear Mommy,

I'm so sad that you had to go away again. I miss you sooo much when you are gone and I wanted to tell you about my day at school today! So Mama said I should write you letters again.

I had a super great day! Miss. Becky read me tons of stories and she also played ball with me. She would roll the ball to me and it was sooooo funny!! I also showed off to my friends how I can sit up all by myself. I did practice some more today so when you get back I will be amazing. BUT the BIG NEWS is that I had a big boy poop. It wasn't gross and all over the place like babies poop it was small and hard and stayed in my diaper. I got to keep my same outfit on all day long.

You don't know it but I heard you and Mama talking this morning about my outfit. I don't like how you said my pants and my shirt don't look good together. I think I look super cute and the girls in my class think so too. Look at how they were all over me. I was so handsome today!!

Mama says now that no one has the sickness and no one is having anymore sleepovers at our house she is laying down the bedtime law. I'm scared Mommy! I liked rule breaking and staying up late and waking up lots. I don't want bedtime laws :( I had good naps today so I don't think it's fair that I have to have to follow the laws at night when I was a good boy during the day!

Ah man, Mama says I gotta go get ready for bed. So not fair.

Love you,

P.S. I'm so so sorry I gave you the sickness and please tell Grandma I'm sorry she got it too.

August 2, 2010


Let me start off by saying, no we aren't pregnant again and no we aren't even thinking about #2 for a while. The big news is we're moving!! (and not from Blogger to Wordpress either.) We are packing up 10 years of our life spent in our amazing town of Austin and moving WAY north to Toronto.

Why the move you might ask? Amy has an amazing job opportunity that we just couldn't pass up. We're excited, sad and scared for this new adventure. The closer we come to move time (end of August) the fear and sadness starts to overpower the excitement. We just gave notice to Jackson's amazing daycare when his last day will be and we're almost at the tail end of finalizing our house sale (the house where Jackson was born). What used to be a distant thought is now quickly becoming reality.

The thought of moving to a city where we don't know a soul and where we have to start fresh with everything is a bit daunting. Every time I think about it I practically burst into tears thinking about all the friends we're leaving behind. How long it took us to find Jackson the perfect daycare and pediatrician. How we know where to find the best Mexican food in the city. 10 years of a life and now I feel like we're resetting the clock and are back at zero. So if there are any Torontonians out their reading this please tell me it's going to be okay.

I don't mean for this to sound like such a downer post. We're very excited for a fresh start in a new city and all the opportunities that it will afford us. It's just hard to leave the people and places you love so much. So hang on tight because we'll be posting a lot about our upcoming adventure.

Also, Amy's going away again this week which means more Jackson letters!!