July 22, 2009

Advice Needed

So I've decided to officially out the pregnancy to work on Monday (there have been too many close calls of people finding out). As some of you may have read a co-worker suffered a miscarriage a couple weeks back and I want to be sensitive to her feelings about my announcement. My plan was to send her an email on Friday giving her a heads up about my pregnancy and my plans to announce on Monday. That way she has the opportunity to have a private reaction to the news and process any feelings it might bring up.

Where I need help is in what should I say. Should I stick strictly to the facts? Mention I know that this must be hard on her? Share how long we have gone through the process?

I'm sure I'm WAY over thinking it but the only feelings I know how to address are the ones from BFNs not miscarriages. How do you suggest I handle it without making it sound like I understand what she's feeling (because I don't) but at the same time being sensitive to those very feelings.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

July 16, 2009

Little Bit is Growing (9w6d)


Little Bit is healthy and has a great heartbeat at 180BPM. We are very happy and excited how much has changed in 2 weeks. Bit is starting to look like a baby!!!

Little Bit

This afternoon we have an appointment to see our little Bit. We are so excited to see our growing Bit and listen to the heartbeat again. We are close to 10 weeks so we are feeling more comfortable telling others about the baby. My mom told the other side of the family (second cousins)last week about our baby. I was fine with that but we are trying to keep it from Melissa's work. We are noticing this week that some of the family on F*ceb*ok that know keep talking about the baby. Luckily, Melissa is able to delete things right away at work. We really want to see the baby doing well today before Melissa lets others know. I believe her goal was the end of this month but I am not sure that is going to happen.

July 9, 2009

Happy Second Anniversary!

Today is Amy's and my second wedding anniversary. We have a jam packed two days of celebration ahead of us. Tonight it's dinner and Kathy Griffin and tomorrow Bill Maher. It's weird how our wedding seems both like it was yesterday and yet a million years ago. And even though it's been two of the craziest years we've spent together I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I have to give a HUGE shout out to all the TTCers, pregnant ladies and parents out there who have had to go through all of it alone. I can't even imagine doing all of this without Amy. She has been amazingly supportive, caring and nurturing. Letting me cry when I needed, pulling me out of my funk when I've wallowed in sadness and laughing with me until tears streamed down our faces.

I'm so excited and amazed that I have found the perfect person to raise a child with. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AMY!!

July 8, 2009

Beyond Cute

My mom just sent me this, requesting a future performance from her grandchild.

July 6, 2009


Before starting this ttc, process the thought of giving birth at home was not even an option. About a year ago, Melissa put this thought in my head about using a midwife and I thought she was crazy. After reading about the care you and the baby receive before, during, and after the baby is born is amazing. It still scares me because of the problems that can happen at home. But I don’t want the hospital to rush the delivery using drugs to free up a bed.

I keep going back and forth about using a midwife or giving birth at a hospital. Movies like The Business of Being Born and stories from other bloggers make me want to go the midwife route. The relationships I’ve read about between mothers and the midwife sounds ideal. However, before our first ultra sound both Melissa and I were extremely nervous about what we were going to see. This made us both think giving birth in a hospital is the best option. We even made an appointment with an OB that comes highly recommended.

This morning I watched the documentary again and now I think we are making a mistake. Therefore, I am looking for help from the bloggers. If you have a little one, what did you decide to do and are you happy you went that route? If you are planning to start a family, which direction are leaning towards, a hospital or using a midwife?

July 3, 2009

Family of Three

1 Baby
174 Heartbeats per Minute
2 Happy Moms

July 1, 2009

Muffin Top

I was just told that I look like I've lost weight. I accepted the compliment and will enjoy my little secret that the reason I look skinnier is that my pants are unbuttoned so my muffin top doesn't have anything to spill over.