May 27, 2010

3 months

We are so late with posting this. Jack is almost 4 months old!

Weight: 15.5 lbs
Height: 25.5 inches

Sleep: You are sleeping pretty well during the night. We put you to bed around 8pm and feed you at 11pm before we go to bed. You wake up around 3:30am for another feeding and normally go back down until 6:00am when it's time to start our day!

Eat: You still are exclusively on breast milk and when you are at daycare are drinking 4oz bottles.

Diapers: You're still very gassy boy :) Your mom and I joke that you fart like a forty year old man. You have started having poops every other day which is great but scared us at first that something was wrong. Because of this though you are having a lot more diaper blow outs which are always fun :)

- You still LOVE being bounced on the exercise ball when you are fussy or tired. You snuggle your face into the crook of our arm while we bounce and you suck on your paci.

- You can't get enough of the mobile above your crib. You love the movement and the lights that dance above your head. You kick your legs, smile and talk every time we turn it on.

- You are definitely a water boy. One of your favorite times of day is bath time with your mom or me. You kick you legs and splash around.

- You still aren't a fan of napping in the daytime in your crib, you prefer the swing.

- You went to your first movie with Mama, Mom and Aunt Carly. We saw Kick Ass, a very appropriate first movie :) You behaved very well and even watched some of it but mostly slept through the action.

- You started daycare this month. I know it was harder on us than it was on you.

- You're baby talking to us which we love and always makes us laugh.

- You can stand when we hold you up on our laps. You seemed pretty in awe in the beginning that you could do such a thing.

- You've started giggling, although right now they are very few and far between so it is very special for the person who gets to hear it.

- You've gotten your first cold (doctor's says it's an upper respiratory infection), you're all stuffed up, sneezy and coughing but you are still in good spirits.

- You've started to notice and play with toys around you. Batting them with your little hands and grabbing on to them not wanting to let go.

Notes & Accomplishments:
- You are starting to get better about riding in the car and being in the car seat. We have gone on whole car rides without a single tear.

- You are becoming a lot more alert, tracking objects with your eyes.

- You are getting stronger and stronger, holding up your head when we sit you up or lay you on your tummy.

- You're latest discovery is your hands, you will do anything to put them in your mouth, even if that means busting out of your swaddle in a Houdini like manner.

- You still have a very mercurial personality (you have since birth) you can be smiling one second and in tears and screaming in the blink of an eye.

- When you hold your hand in a fist you always tuck your thumb under your second finger.

May 18, 2010


At what age is it determined whether you are left or right handed? Right now Jackson seems to favor his left hand. That's the one that nine times out of ten is grabbing and holding toys. Wasn't sure if this was an insight into the future or if right now he's just more developed with his left.

May 17, 2010

The Plague

Well the sickness has finally spread to everyone in the family. I held out as long as I could but finally succumb to this horrible illness on Thursday. Amy and Jack are still sick but thankfully at the tail end of it.

I have to say Jack is a total trooper, even through his congestion, coughing fits and moments of just plain not feeling well he will still give us a smile and giggle. When Amy and I are feeling our lowest we look at Jackson and remind ourselves that if this little baby can feel this crappy but still be able to enjoy the things around him we need to buck up and do the same.

There are so many moments since having Jack that I am in awe of those who are single parents. This again is one of those times. It's hard enough being sick, but being a sick parent to a sick child is extra hard. Thankfully Amy and I have each other and we can take our turn with Jack so that we can both get some rest in and hopefully start feeling better. So once again another hats off to those that are going through this amazing journey solo.

As proof, of Jack's amazing disposition here is a picture of Amy, Jack and Grandpa (Amy's Dad) when he was here last week (both Amy and Jack were sick). I LOVE this picture!! It always makes me smile.

May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I debated about whether to write a post about today given there are so many that find this day so difficult for many number of reasons. But I felt it was important to archive today so when we look back we can remember what our first Mother's Day was like.

Today has been nothing like a planned or expected. "Jackson" gave us both presents this morning with sweet cards that told us we were the best Mommies in the whole world. We got a lot of nice Facebook messages, emails, phone calls and texts wishing us a Happy Mother's Day. That was really the extent of our Mother's Day celebration. Amy has been sick since early last week and Jackson has been sick since Thursday so today was full of a lot of naps and soothing. The poor babe is all stuffed up, is coughing and sneezing and just seems plain miserable. In spite of all that he's still been able to keep his spirits high and even give us a few smiles and giggles today. He's been sleeping int he swing most of the day and will sleep in out room in the swing tonight. We've tried inclining his mattress but even still soon as we lay him down he starts having coughing fits. We feel so helpless and hope he gets over this quickly.

Even though today was nothing like I expected looking after our sick little boy has truly made me feel like a mother more than anything else today.

May 3, 2010

First Day of Daycare

I had full intentions of keeping a stiff upper lip when dropping Jack off at daycare. The idea was to get all the tears out the day before so that when we dropped him off I would have gotten it out of my system. I failed miserably!

As soon as we stepped out of the car and started walking up to the door the water works started. All the feelings of guilt for leaving him and fear of believing no one else could take care of him came bubbling up to the surface. I can't tell you how amazing Amy was, she was my rock through the whole process even though she was devastated on the inside.

After putting all his belongings in his cubby, making his crib and basically stalling the inevitable for as long as possible it was time to leave. However, I physically couldn't do it. The thought of handing him over to a relative stranger to look after for the day was too hard. Once again Amy stepped up where I couldn't and preformed something so hard, she handed Jack over to his teacher. I honestly couldn't have done today without her.

Standing in the parking lot we were both a tearful mess but pulled it together and headed off to work. All morning I looked at the clock wondering what he was doing, was he okay, was he needing me and I wasn't there. Then the BEST thing ever appeared in my inbox! A short note and pictures assuring me Jack was okay and having a great day. He was hanging out with his new friends going for a buggy ride :) Whenever I got sad I would look at these pictures as reassurance that he was okay. They helped me get through.

We are all home now and all three of us are exhausted from the days events. I know tomorrow will be 100% better and am so grateful that he's at the daycare he's at. One more milestone down 1000 more to go.

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