September 21, 2008

Another Try Bites the Dust

Well we're out again. Officially today but we had an idea yesterday so we split a pitcher of sangria at the movies last night, along with some beer. Although we are bummed we aren't too upset since for us this is the start of something new. I'm calling the doc tomorrow and we'll see what our protocol is moving forward since we will be moving on to injectables. I have a feeling that we'll be off for at least a month. Thanks for all your support!!

September 18, 2008

CD12 - Best Chart Ever

So here's my chart as it stands so far, promising no?? Then why the BFN :(

September 12, 2008


Man, this hurricane is going to be bad. I'm so grateful that all our friends and family in Houston and Galveston has gotten out. I truly hope everyone heeded the warnings and fled the coast but sadly I know that this is'nt the case. I wish everyone could come out of this unscathed.

Being in Austin I don't think we'll see much more then some wind and rain. I didn't go crazy and fill my bathtub with water or go buy a generator but I do have my candles and lighter at the ready in case our power goes out.

On the TTC, front not much to say. Today is 6DPO and I go in tomorrow moring for a progestrone blood draw. My temps are up (see fertility chart) so I know I ovulated and I have never had a low progesterone level before so we'll see what my numbers are later next week.

September 7, 2008


Well the deed is done and now we are officially in the TWW. Temp was up today so I feel good about the timing.

I went in for a trigger shot Friday afternoon and had the IUI Saturday afternoon. Amy was unable to come yesterday because of work :( But on the bright side (for some strange reason) whenever Amy isn't there the doctor doesn't have to use the dreaded tenaculum. So I feel like it's the Universe's gift to me that without Amy there for morale support, that I'm being given less pain and stress at my appointments.

Amy hasn't been able to go to many of our doctor's appointments this time around and she is leaving for 11 days to Toronto on Tuesday so she won't be here when I test either. We're both hoping that her absence will bring us good luck this time just like it does when she can't come to the IUI appointments. :)

September 6, 2008


One of my guilty Sunday pleasures is going to PostSecret and seeing the new cards for the week. Some cards make me laugh out loud, others stick with me throughout the day. Then there are those certain postcards that really hit home.

September 4, 2008

A Pause for Politics

Unfortunately, since I'm not a US Citizen I can't vote in the upcoming elections but that hasn't stopped me from watching the DNC and RNC. A co-worker of mine sent me this very cool (non-biased) website out of the Netherlands. By answering approx. 40 questions it shows you how you align with each of the candidates. You can narrow it by issues, see their stance, etc.

Follicle Follow-up

YAY!! All your positive thoughts worked. Follicle grew to 19mm. So it looks like we are good to go on Saturday. Ordered the swimmers this morning and if I don't surge on my own I go in tomorrow afternoon for an HCG trigger shot. Thanks all for your encouragement :)

September 2, 2008

Ho Hum Day

So after a sleepless night of stressing out about another failed follicle scan everything kinda worked out (so far). Today is CD12 and I have one 13mm follicle. I guess I was just greedy and wanting more than one. I know, I know, one is all you need but I still was hoping for more, especially on the 100mg of clomid I was on. So I go back Thursday morning for another scan to see if we are still being given the green light to continue this cycle.

I swear the TWW is going to be a piece of cake after all these starts and stops we’ve been going through during the first half of the cycle. So please everyone send positive thoughts our way that we can actually give it a real go this cycle after months of sitting on the bench.