October 30, 2007

Ready for Round 3

We are officially out this cycle. Since I more or less went through the grieving process on Saturday I'm feeling pretty okay about things today. Went to the doctor and passed by Clomid check so we're ready to go for Try #3. Thankfully it looks like we will be inseminating the week before Thanksgiving so we don't have the holiday's to contend with. I'm actually pretty happy with how flexible my OB/GYN's office is about scheduling, etc. It's nice not to have to stress out about that at least. Guess it helps that we're currently the only patients in the office doing IUI, so we can get special treatment :)

This will be our last try with the donor that we have. If we get to Try #4 I think we might switch to Amy's first choice (he was sold out at the time) or see if any new donor's are in the catalog.

Thanks all for your advice and based on it we've decided to temp up until we have a clear sign that we've ovulated and then we are stopping. It was the temping that really messed with us again so we've decided to cut it out of the process. It is going to be so weird not waking up at 6:30 in the morning to take my temperature. I'm really looking forward to it.

October 29, 2007

13 DPI - I know you're not supposed to hate your body but I do

Can you guys look at my chart and honestly tell me what the HELL you think is going on. I spent all day yesterday crying, accepting my BFN and temp drop. I had come to terms with it until I woke up this morning and took my temp and got a HUGE temp spike (I even took it 3 times to make sure)!?! I tested BFN again and I really think that's what it is, a BFN but the rest of my body is playing tricks on me. I hate it!

Melissa's Chart

Thank you all for your hugs and thoughts. It's really nuts how people you've never met can make you feel better.

October 28, 2007

12DPI - Waiting for AF

Temp plummeted. Too sad to test or type.

October 27, 2007

11DPI - It's Still Early

Negative, but my temp went up rather than down. We're not losing hope yet. Test #2 tomorrow.

October 26, 2007

10 DPI - Day Before Testing

Progesterone level came back at 21.3, which is good news. Now all we have to do is wait to test. Test #1 will be tomorrow morning, which is also the day when I normally start to see a decline in my temperature so I'm a little nervous.

My chart has also been different this month from the other months. We're trying hard not to get our hopes up too much for fear of the pain if it doesn't work out. So tomorrow is a BIG day. We'll be sure to post tomorrow no matter what the results.

Please send POSITIVE vibes our way!

October 22, 2007

6 DPI (Days Past Insemination)

We're sitting here at 6DPI with not much to report. I keep telling myself that it's too early for any real symptoms and the ones I think I have I can rationalize. For example,

1. Cramps - I think this is a residual side effect from the clomid, HCG trigger and that damn tenaculum.
2. Lower backache - I took Cam for a 2 mile walk yesterday wearing only flip flops.
3. Tired - I haven't been sleeping very well.

Tomorrow I go in for my 7DPO progesterone check. Last cycle it was 24.9 so we'll see what it is this time around.

The weather has gotten cold here. YAY!! I just finished knitting Amy a scarf so now I can steal it and go take Cam out for a nice, long and cold walk (in proper shoes).

October 17, 2007

Try #2 IUI #2

Yesterday went well. We did the IUI at 3:00 and I had O pains all afternoon that subsided in the evening and I had a temp rise this morning. I think we did the best we could with the timing. So we are officially in the TWW at 1DPI. I go in next Tuesday (7DPO) for progesterone blood work.

My OB/GYN said that if progesterone numbers are over 30 she tends to think there might be a higher chance for multiples because this would indicate more then 1 egg released. Has anyone heard this before?

October 15, 2007

Plan B

Just a quick update to say that we are officially in the middle of Plan B. I went in for the trigger shot today at 1pm and we have IUI #2 at 3:00 tomorrow.

This cycle has thrown me for a bit of an emotional loop. Last cycle was so easy with the positive OPK and the back to back IUI perfectly timed. Granted we still got a negative result but this time we've had to put more work into it. Hopefully it pays off.

The good news is Amy has tomorrow off work so she can go with me. Which is a very good thing because apparently I have a tilted uterus so the horrible, painful and evil tenaculum will be a constant in my visits.

Thanks for the positive vibes everyone!

October 14, 2007

First Stop Frustration Station - UPDATE

Still no positive OPK. Not even a faint line on the test :( Now I'm getting nervous. Not only do we have the ticking clock of the tank to contend with but there is also my history of anovulatory cycles. I'm not liking how I feel especially after I was doing so well with keeping calm and stress free. I'm beginning to feel the waves of panic surround me. Breathe...Breathe...Breathe.

Either way this just sucks, if we do go in tomorrow I'm going to have to go in alone because Amy can't get out of work. Neither of us likes this scenario but it's one of those situations where there is nothing that can be done to change it. I'll bring my iPod and hope, pray and cross everything I can that I don't have to face the evil tenaculum on my own.

The doctor is going to call me this morning so maybe we'll come up with a game plan and I can feel a little more reassured.

UPDATE: Our doctor wants us to come in this afternoon for IUI#1 and if I don't see that I have ovulated by tomorrow then she wants me to come in for a hcg trigger shot and do IUI #2 on Tuesday. If I do get signs of ovulation tomorrow then I go in for IUI #2 tomorrow. Fingers and toes crossed for us please.

October 9, 2007

Flu shot?

Is anyone getting a flu shot? I normally get one every year but I'm a little nervous about getting one while TTC. I feel like I'm already putting my body through so much with the TTC stress, Clomid, etc. that I think a flu shot would do more harm then good.

I also worry that getting the flu shot right before insemination or right after might have negative effects on implantation and the first stages of the first trimester (if I do in fact get pregnant this cycle).

Am I being hyper-sensitive?

October 7, 2007

We're hanging in there

Hi all - We're still here. If things go according to plan we'll be going for try #2 on Saturday and Sunday. We've actually been very relaxed this time around. Aside from a couple bad days on Clomid it's been a pretty uneventful few days.

I just got back from seeing the movie "Trade" it's one of those movies that you don't want to say is good because it is very disturbing but it was an eye opening experience and I would recommend seeing it.

Anyone else go to or rent a movie this weekend? Which one?

October 1, 2007

Permanently Punished?

Ever have one of those weeks when you ask yourself what have I done to deserve this punishment? It's like multiple waves crashing against you and you just can't seem to get out of the water.

Wave 1: BFN from last week
Wave 2: Air conditioner broke (again!). I know some of you are saying so what it's October. Well Texas doesn't believe in fall and currently it's 93 degrees outside and 87 inside. Plus, we just got it fixed 5 months ago.
Wave 3: My supervisor left on an impromptu two week vacation right when there is a lot of stuff going on at work. Lots of back story on this one but lets just say she needed to go and I'm happy she went but it's not going to be an easy two weeks.

I know this may seem like I'm down in the dumps but really I'm not. I'm just wanting the rest of the world to catch up to my state of mind and stop handing me crap. On the plus side, we bought our Christmas tickets to Canada, almost have the work that is being done on our house completed and had an awesome weekend full of fun and bad behavior with no temping, blogging, prenatal vitamins or anything baby.

Hope everyone else had a cool and happy weekend!

UPDATE: We now have A/C and it only cost the $55 service charge. Looks like things are starting to look up!