October 22, 2007

6 DPI (Days Past Insemination)

We're sitting here at 6DPI with not much to report. I keep telling myself that it's too early for any real symptoms and the ones I think I have I can rationalize. For example,

1. Cramps - I think this is a residual side effect from the clomid, HCG trigger and that damn tenaculum.
2. Lower backache - I took Cam for a 2 mile walk yesterday wearing only flip flops.
3. Tired - I haven't been sleeping very well.

Tomorrow I go in for my 7DPO progesterone check. Last cycle it was 24.9 so we'll see what it is this time around.

The weather has gotten cold here. YAY!! I just finished knitting Amy a scarf so now I can steal it and go take Cam out for a nice, long and cold walk (in proper shoes).


Kim aka Mommy said...

Lots of luck!

Good luck with the progesterone check.

Thinking of yall everyday!

Anonymous said...

Cold? Wow--it's still in the high 80s here!
Good luck with the test!!

Anonymous said...

You are in my favorite week of the cycle....the relaxation week. No sticks to pee on, no timing to stress about, to early to intensley obsess about symptoms. Enjoy the walks and the fall weather.

tbean said...

Good luck--thinking about you guys and anxious to hear the prog. update.

Anonymous said...

I'm a knitter also! I'd love to see pictures of your handy work.

Holly said...

Thinking of you in your 2ww!!!

Batty said...

Thinking of you guys :)

Anonymous said...

Me too!

I'm cramping like a mother f#$%^er.
Trying not to take it seriously as implantation is more painful than the actual cramps. Good luck, grrrlz.

tbean said...

hey guys--just checking in--hope everything is going okay