October 29, 2007

13 DPI - I know you're not supposed to hate your body but I do

Can you guys look at my chart and honestly tell me what the HELL you think is going on. I spent all day yesterday crying, accepting my BFN and temp drop. I had come to terms with it until I woke up this morning and took my temp and got a HUGE temp spike (I even took it 3 times to make sure)!?! I tested BFN again and I really think that's what it is, a BFN but the rest of my body is playing tricks on me. I hate it!

Melissa's Chart

Thank you all for your hugs and thoughts. It's really nuts how people you've never met can make you feel better.


Anonymous said...

I have no idea what the chart even means but I am sending lots of positive thoughts and hugs your way.

This will happen for you.

Louise in Canada

Holly said...

We never charted, so I don't know what to tell you.
I do know that Lois got a BFP on 16 dpiui. Some tests are different than others as far as sensitivity.

I would just hang in there .... anything is possible.

Jen said...

That spike is pretty interesting. You'd think it would keep dropping if you were in for a BFN.
Good luck!

Kim aka Mommy said...

I wish I could help you out with the chart stuff but we only charted a few months prior to trying.

I agree with Holly - anything's possible!

And yes, the power of online stranger friends! Aren't they great?! :o)

Keri said...

The temp spike seems odd. What kind of test are you using?
Give yourself another day before calling it quits this cycle.
If that's the case, I'm sorry. It's frustrating, damnit.

Anonymous said...

Hey there - sorry for the craziness. We stopped temping all together b/c it was driving us nuts. Also, our doc said that less than 30% of people can really tell anything accurately from the temping, and once we stopped, it made all the difference in the world. Of course, what works for us might not work for everyone, it's a different experience for us all. But for what it's worth, temping was a b! Hang in there...we're thinking of you all.

Anonymous said...

It is possible that you tested to early. I would test again if you don't get your period and your temp stays up.

I hope, I hope!!!!!

tbean said...

I guess my only advice is that it ain't over this cycle until AF shows up. Sucks balls though, to have done the whole crying/processing yesterday and now today to be back in limbo like this. I'm sorry--I hope you get your resolution/answer to this SOON. (Of course, I hope even more that it is a happy one, but, short of that, I'll just wish for less prolonged torture.) Hugs!

ohchicken said...

i wish i knew what to tell you. it is clearly a departure from your usual constant drop. (and yesterday's drop is still way above your coverline.) i'm sooooo hoping it's not a one-off temp anomaly and stays up.

sending lots of hope from east austin.

Anonymous said...

I am going through a similar ordeal with FF. I got a positive OPK on Day 14, but thought we had been inseminating too early so we scheduled insemination for Day 15 and 16. Well, I felt O pains on day 14 at night, and freaked out. We went in day 15 and did both vials at once. I entered my temps, and yesterday FF thought O day was day 14. Today I had a big dip and FF changed its mind and it's now 15. WTF? I want to stop temping - it makes me obsessive! Wishing you good news . . .

Anonymous said...

Oh, temping can make one feel soooo crazy! I have been told to stop temping once I have confirmed ovulation...but I can't seem to stop. It is so obsessive!
I am actually very hopeful for you! Not to get your hopes up too high, but can you have implantation this late? Could it be an implantation dip?
My fingers are soooooo crossed for you guys!!!!