September 12, 2008


Man, this hurricane is going to be bad. I'm so grateful that all our friends and family in Houston and Galveston has gotten out. I truly hope everyone heeded the warnings and fled the coast but sadly I know that this is'nt the case. I wish everyone could come out of this unscathed.

Being in Austin I don't think we'll see much more then some wind and rain. I didn't go crazy and fill my bathtub with water or go buy a generator but I do have my candles and lighter at the ready in case our power goes out.

On the TTC, front not much to say. Today is 6DPO and I go in tomorrow moring for a progestrone blood draw. My temps are up (see fertility chart) so I know I ovulated and I have never had a low progesterone level before so we'll see what my numbers are later next week.


GIsen said...

Oh! life living on the Gulf.I don't miss it one bit.You forgot to mention milk and bread as the shelves will be empty of both.I talked to family in Baton Rouge and they are still expecting it to be bad as they will be on the east side of the hurricane.Lots of strong wind and rain:(Bad side to be on whether the eye comes at you or not.

TTC_Good Luck Chicas!

Lisa said...

Your chart is looking good. I love those steady rises. Stay safe.

Holly said...

Glad your friends have gotten out. I'm hoping all my blogger friends are safe.

S. said...

hi! i used to follow your journey on the babycenter boards. glad to see youre back in the ttc game!! good luck in your tww!!