May 3, 2010

First Day of Daycare

I had full intentions of keeping a stiff upper lip when dropping Jack off at daycare. The idea was to get all the tears out the day before so that when we dropped him off I would have gotten it out of my system. I failed miserably!

As soon as we stepped out of the car and started walking up to the door the water works started. All the feelings of guilt for leaving him and fear of believing no one else could take care of him came bubbling up to the surface. I can't tell you how amazing Amy was, she was my rock through the whole process even though she was devastated on the inside.

After putting all his belongings in his cubby, making his crib and basically stalling the inevitable for as long as possible it was time to leave. However, I physically couldn't do it. The thought of handing him over to a relative stranger to look after for the day was too hard. Once again Amy stepped up where I couldn't and preformed something so hard, she handed Jack over to his teacher. I honestly couldn't have done today without her.

Standing in the parking lot we were both a tearful mess but pulled it together and headed off to work. All morning I looked at the clock wondering what he was doing, was he okay, was he needing me and I wasn't there. Then the BEST thing ever appeared in my inbox! A short note and pictures assuring me Jack was okay and having a great day. He was hanging out with his new friends going for a buggy ride :) Whenever I got sad I would look at these pictures as reassurance that he was okay. They helped me get through.

We are all home now and all three of us are exhausted from the days events. I know tomorrow will be 100% better and am so grateful that he's at the daycare he's at. One more milestone down 1000 more to go.

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anofferingoflove said...

when did he get so big!? he's so cute! :-)
glad you made it through your first day apart, it is sooo hard. sounds like you have a great daycare situation.

Dani Magestro said...

i know he is so big I cant believe it. I remember that day I cried my eyes out. He will love school they have sooo much fun!

She said...

so glad his first day went so well. what an adorable little guy!

Anonymous said...

What a tough and exhausting day for you. I'm glad you are all home together now and ready to try it again tomorrow.

I have to tell you, I see those buggies out near my work all the time and its always the highlight of my day. The kids always seem to really be enjoying themselves.

nutella said...

You get pictures? How wonderful is that? You've made it past the hardest day, and now that you know how much fun he's having it will get easier. And he's such a cutie!

jessie said...

so glad you survived! the beginning is soooo hard. i get pictures too and it makes it so much easier to see how much fun they are having.

Next in Line said...

How did he get so big? It feels like he was born last week. Congrats mommies on making it through. I love that your daycare sends pictures.