August 8, 2010

Sunday - Day 5

Dear Mommy,

Today was soooo boring! We didn't do anything :( I woke up, ate, slept, pooped, ate, slept... see how boring! We did take a walk this morning but it was the same one as yesterday, so I wasn't impressed AT ALL! After I took a super long nap Mama said we could go to the Target, I was really excited because they have toys at the Target! But do you know what we bought, a sprinkler?!? What am I going to do with a sprinkler? Maybe when I'm a bigger boy I'll like it but I told Mama that she bought a super lame toy. So since I didn't get any new toys at the Target I just hung out on my belly most of the day trying to find fun things to do. See my bored face?

Mama made me some bananas to take to school tomorrow, she let me have a taste off her finger. It was very yummy and I got excited for dinner but then when it was dinnertime I had to eat the butternut squash she made. I've had butternut squash before, I wanted something new and exciting not more boringness.

I can't wait to go to school tomorrow where fun things happen and I'm not a bored baby! Mama says tomorrow is going to be a big day and she is going to pick me up early from school. She won't tell me where we're going and says I'll find out when I get there. This doesn't sound good.

Sloppy kisses,


A. said...

Loving these letters....

(PS, have been trying to comment for a while but Blogger is giving me all kinds of errors)

shea said...

i love this sweet little guy!

Lisa said...

you are such a cutie jackson

Next in Line said...

Jackson you are having so many adventures. Sorry to hear about the squash. Please make sure that your mommies print these letters and put them in your baby book. I am sure that working the printer would not be boring.