August 10, 2010

Tuesday - Day 7

Oh Mommy,

There is so much that's happened. Remember when Mama said we were going somewhere special yesterday? Well Mama is a BIG FAT LIAR! You know where she took me Mommy?!? To the doctor! And you know what they did to me Mommy?!? They stuck things in my ears and my mouth and THEN they gave me two shots! I wish I could say I didn't cry, but I did, but only a little bit. Mama said I was a very brave boy and she was very proud of me. I got two very cool band-aids on my legs that had cars on them. I was so excited to show my friends at school, but Mama took them off during bath time so I had nothing to show my friends :(

Oh, guess what? I'm also a BIG BOY!! I weigh 18lbs 6oz and I'm 28 inches tall. I showed the doctor all the things I can do now like sitting up by myself and rolling over. Mama brought toys for me to play with but I didn't need them because I played with the fun crinkly paper that was on the bed. It made noise and I could tear it up and then put it in my mouth but then Mama took the pieces away and wouldn't let me put them in my mouth. She is so not fun.

I had a great day in school today. There is a new girl in my class, her name is Sarah she seems pretty nice but I think I'm going to stick with the girlfriends I have. Having three girlfriends would be too much so I think Sarah and I will only be friends. Miss. Cassandra says I am so good at sleeping now. Today at school I took a nap for 2 whole hours. I don't know if Mama told you but when I sleep in my crib I sleep on my tummy. It is sooo nice and comfy. Why didn't I sleep on my tummy before??

I better go to bed. I like bedtime more now that I can sleep on my tummy, even though Mama still says I have to follow the bedtime laws.

Two more sleeps until you come home Mommy!


kat said...

i love these letters :) jackson has quite the personality! haha. i look forward to reading more from him, and also more about your big move!

Anonymous said...

3 girlfriends is enough for anyone, Jackson! Haha! I'm glad the doctor's wasn't too bad. That's a big change from a few months ago! Good luck with those bedtime laws. :)

Gayby Rabies said...

Oh Jackson, that is just unforgivable! First she tricks you into going to the doctor's office, and then she steals your band-aids. I hope your mommy will talk some sense into her when she gets back, and tell her it's not okay to steal a guy's band-aids.

Lisa said...

Jackson you are sooooooooooooooo brave. You only cried a little bit. It's hard fighting the girls off at daycare but I'm sure you'll be a great friend to the new girl.