August 4, 2010

Wednesday - Day 1

Dear Mommy,

I'm so sad that you had to go away again. I miss you sooo much when you are gone and I wanted to tell you about my day at school today! So Mama said I should write you letters again.

I had a super great day! Miss. Becky read me tons of stories and she also played ball with me. She would roll the ball to me and it was sooooo funny!! I also showed off to my friends how I can sit up all by myself. I did practice some more today so when you get back I will be amazing. BUT the BIG NEWS is that I had a big boy poop. It wasn't gross and all over the place like babies poop it was small and hard and stayed in my diaper. I got to keep my same outfit on all day long.

You don't know it but I heard you and Mama talking this morning about my outfit. I don't like how you said my pants and my shirt don't look good together. I think I look super cute and the girls in my class think so too. Look at how they were all over me. I was so handsome today!!

Mama says now that no one has the sickness and no one is having anymore sleepovers at our house she is laying down the bedtime law. I'm scared Mommy! I liked rule breaking and staying up late and waking up lots. I don't want bedtime laws :( I had good naps today so I don't think it's fair that I have to have to follow the laws at night when I was a good boy during the day!

Ah man, Mama says I gotta go get ready for bed. So not fair.

Love you,

P.S. I'm so so sorry I gave you the sickness and please tell Grandma I'm sorry she got it too.


Loralou said...

Oh dear, it's done the rounds then!!

Shannon said...

These letters crack me up. Sorry everyone has been sick. :(

mamaandmummy said...

That's a great outfit! He looks very pleased with himself. :)

Anonymous said...

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