August 8, 2010

Saturday - Day 4

Hi Mommy,

I'm sorry this letter is so late. I was out late celebrating my half birthday last night. We went to Tia Lili's house and I got to play with Tia Lili, Craig and Nell too. I had so much fun! Mama brought a weird baby crib with her that I got to sleep in. I was a good boy and went to sleep right away.

I had the best day yesterday! Mama said I slept sooo good so I could do whatever I wanted. So I picked lots of fun things to do. First we went on a super long walk. I loved it. It was so nice I almost fell asleep. Campbell came too and would bark so loud at the other doggies.

That walk made me soooo tired I couldn't stay awake at all. Mama was going to put me in my crib but it was my day and I could do whatever I wanted so I took a big long nap sleeping on Mama.

But the best part of the day was water time!! I had sooo much fun playing in the water with my cups. I splashed and splashed. It was the best! I even got Mama wet too.

It was the best half birthday EVER!!


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Amy said...

Wow what a fun day! I can't believe you are 6 months old already! I just called and it sounds like you are being a bad boy today. I think you are not going to get a gold star today. Come on and give mama a break. I love you both.

Lisa said...

look at those beautiful blue eyes.

mamaandmummy said...

Hee, I love his look of concentration as he is picking up the cup. What a sweet way to do water play for a little one. :)

Marili said...

Tia Lili and Uncle Craig loved having you over! You have to come again real soon!

Claudia said...

Happy 1/2 birthday, Jack! He is too cute, Amy and Mel. We're going to miss ya'll so much!