August 6, 2010

Friday - Day 3

Hola Mommy,

I have to whisper cause Mama thinks I'm sleeping. I have been playing a fun game with Mama. I will lay in my crib and cry and cry but she won't come right away so I roll on my tummy and cry louder. Then Mama comes!! I smile and laugh at her but she puts me on my back and then she leaves again. So I roll back on my tummy so she comes back :) It took her a long time to figure out I can roll back all by myself and didn't need her help to get on my back again. It was soooo funny!

Last night was not good. I woke up and cried lots so I didn't sleep much. I was soooo tired this morning that I fell asleep on the way to school. One second I was home and then I opened my eyes and I was at school. I wish I could close my eyes and open them and you would be home!

I heard Mama tell my teachers that I was a bad sleeper last night and that I would be a grumpy Gus today. So you know what, I was! All I wanted today was some alone time but everyone was up in my business. I played in the exasaucer and my friends would come over to play with the toys. I yelled at them to LEAVE ME ALONE! Then I played in the doughnut, I told them I was king of the doughnut and they needed to LEAVE ME ALONE! but they still came over and wanted to play so Miss. Amber blew some bubbles and I tried to pop them which made me VERY happy.

I was so excited for dinner! Mama said I would get to eat something new but then she said it was green beans and rice and I got very scared. I HATE rice cereal! But you know what? Green beans and rice is VERY tasty. I couldn't help making yummy noises and slapping my hands on my tray. Mmmmm...mmmm.

Oh no! I think I hear Mama coming to check on me. I gotta pretend to be sleeping.

Love you lots,

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Lisa said...

"up in my business" literally made me laugh out loud. I love the donut. Seems like a cool thing for them to play in.