April 16, 2007

Crickets and Wedding Bells

I should probably start this post off with an explanation of why we haven't posted in a while. A nice long list of we've been so busy, weather here has been too nice to stay inside, etc. But these would just be excuses and the truth of the matter is we've been very lazy bloggers and really have had nothing to write about. We're still tracking cycles and taking vitamins/herbal supplements. That's about the gist of it.

Amy and I finally booked our trip to Canada last week. We are very excited as it will be the first time that we're going in the summer to visit my family. We usually go up every other year for Christmas, but because of the cold weather and the holidays it tends to not feel very vacationy. So this time around we are gong to have 1 full week of vacation, in the summer!

Since we are going to Canada Amy and I have been debating if we should get married while we are there. Even though it doesn't hold any clout here in the States and we already feel like we are married, the main purpose of it would be so that I could change my last name to hers. We discussed it a lot and agreed that since I would be biologically connected to our child that we should have Amy's last name as our family name.

The wedding topic is still up for discussion in our house as to how we are going to pull it off and how involved it is going to be. We'll be sure to keep everyone posted. Since we aren't going until July we can still mull it over some more.

Off Topic Question: Anyone else watching the Sopranos as confused and as disappointed as I am?


Anonymous said...

That's exciting news, even though it won't be legally recognised in the States. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for a while. Had infertility issues of my own... (ended up adopting) I'm not gay and not sure why I'm even telling you all that.

Just letting you know that you have a LOT of support out here (and my 'here' is rural West Virginia!) Go for it. Get married.

E and M, jumpingoutoftrees said...

Getting married (even if it's not recognized here) would be another great sign that you intend to live as a family. Go for it.

Holly said...

Get married!
I know it might not mean anything legally, but it means something to you two!
We got married in New York during the whole New Paltz thing, and while it meant nothing on paper, our friends and family had a chance to celebrate with us!