May 23, 2007

Little Black Cloud Over My Head

I have to admit I'm getting a little frustrated with my body's reaction to even a little bit of alcohol. I'm not even pregnant yet or really even TTC and I already feel like I'm on probation :( Last night was my monthly book club and I had 1 count'em...ONE margarita and my temp jumped from 97.06 to 97.66. These high spikes make it difficult to interpret my chart so I've had to stop any alcohol consumption.

I guess I'm just feeling sorry for myself because tonight is LOST watching party night and tomorrow is my regular girls night happy hour and it just sucks being the only non drinking person in the group while having to come up with excuses for why you aren't drinking.

I think I'm just in a mood because Amy has been working nonstop so I haven't seen her in a few days, our A/C is broken and I've had an allergy induced headache for 4 days straight.

BLAH! Sorry to be a such a downer.


Anonymous said...

I say ditch the thermometer, splash out on a clearblue monitor and have a bloody drink girl! This whole thing is miserable enough without constantly living a purist life - save living like a pregnant woman for when you are a pregnant woman (or at least may be a pregnant woman)!

Holly said...

I second vee!!!

Anonymous said...

Good words.