June 16, 2007


I looked at my watch yesturday and realized that I am getting married in a few weeks. I am nervous and excited. We have a lot of stuff to get done before we go to Canada. We have to finish buying things we are going to wear…like shoes.

We’re going to play it casual for the shoes and bring part of Austin to Canada. We’ve decided to wear flip flops. It’s an outside wedding and we are going to buy flip flops to match our outfits. I’m of course very excited because I’d much rather be comfortable than dressy. The day is already going to be a bit stressful with family and appointments.

I have to admit that it will be the first time both Melissa’s family and my dad have seen us in a loving light. We’re very respectful when we go to our family’s homes. I have to believe that it’s not only for their benefits but our own. I’ve never been a PDA type of person and that will never change. I’m not ashamed of who I am but I want everyone to be comfortable, even me. Oh well, now is the time where I’ll be able to express my feelings for Melissa and in a public forum. It’s our day and the people who care about us will be there and support our love.

The "traditional" couple gets their own dog and pony show and so will we. We deserve this and it will be a special and great day for our family. I wish everyone felt this way, but they don’t and personally it is their problem not mine. Nothing will get in the way our our day…except maybe the rain.


tbean said...

When my wife and I got married a few years ago, it was literally the BEST day of our lives. A large part of that was possible because both our families surprised us by how happy they were and how supportive they were. I hope your day is equally fabulous! Gay weddings take some guts but they are SO worth it.

Kim aka Mommy said...

Ok first off...NO RAIN! :o) Second I am so happy for the 2 of you. What a HUGE step! I must say I'm a bit jealous...well a whole lot jealous. Looking foward to pics of YOUR big day!