January 10, 2008

Plugging Our Blog Back In

Sorry all for the radio silence as of late. We've been around and looking at others blogs but we were taking full advantage of our break cycle and just hiding out for awhile. Along with the holidays and stuff going on with Amy's family we just needed to focus our energy elsewhere for a bit. But we're back now and excited to hop on the TTC train again.

So officially we're on CD29 of our break cycle and no surprise to me it seems as though this is another annovulatory cycle. So I guess it's good that I've been bumped up to 100mg of clomid. I'm very much looking forward to going into try #4 being more closely monitored as I think it will take a lot more stress off of me.

At book club the other night a friend who was there (and 8 months pregnant) was telling me how her and her husband had tried everything to get pregnant (short of IVF). They had finally given up hope that they would ever have a baby, fast forward a couple years later and they decided to try again. The first thing she did was to go on a gluten free diet and the following month she was pregnant. Has anyone heard anything about the effects of gluten on fertility?

So I busted my but these past few weeks and am officially done the top of Amy's quilt and can hopefully finish it off in the next couple weeks so that I can start on my next quilt project. Amy wanted LOTS OF COLOR in her quilt. Do you think there's enough??


Unknown said...

The quilt is beautiful!
Oh, I think I am CD29 in an anovulatory cycle as well. Weird coincidence.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous quilt! sorry your cycles are being so difficult. hopefully the up in clomid will do the trick. i am not aware of the effects of gluten on fertility, though i'm sure refined grains are bad. i'd be interested to learn more! ox

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! And good luck this cycle--anovulatory ones suck big time. i don't know much about the gluten free diet, though. Did she or he have any particular conditions that prevented the pregnancy to begin with?

Anonymous said...

Hey, welcome back my dears!

The quilt is beautiful - I'm most impressed.

Here's hoping Clomid kicks your cycle in to touch.

Holly said...

Love the quilt!
Glad you are back from the radio silence!!!

Unknown said...

I had many annovulatory cycles. I've also heard that low-sugar diets are helpful for some. I also think that upping my intake of FULL FAT milk products (yogurt and milk mainly) helped me.

Kim aka Mommy said...

I agree, the quilt is beautiful. Sorry I have no info on going gluten free.

We missed you! Welcome back!

La said...

I am no expert in the field, but a good friend gave us a great article from the cover of Newsweek...Fertility & Diet in the December issue.Based on information studying 18,000 women, researchers have enough data to explore connections between nutrition and infertility. They have found that carbs(the white stuff we all love) as well as sugared sodas, increase the odds that we will struggle with ovulatory infertility. Researchers suggest finding carbs that are rich in fiber help with fertility. Why carbs? researchers say carbs determine blood sugar and insulin levels....when they rise they dirupt the finely tuned hormones needed for reproduction.The article went on to include balancing fats,protein factor,milk and ice cream and the imprtance of body weight and exercise. I feel like I am rambling to long was a very informative article. The info came from a book "The Fertility Diet" by Jorge E. Chavarro..also more coverage @ Sorry for the long post.
Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I want that quilt!

I'd eat some ice cream and whole milk yogurt. I also read something about the amount of light one is exposed to during the day having an effect n annovulatory women. Do a search. Ladyparts are strange, I tell you.

Stacey said...

Glad ur back! We have been checking in, wondering where you were! I dotn know how a gluten free diet would effect fertility, but I will say I did gluten free diet for a while, and I felt so much better! I sloely gave it up and introduced gluten back in because its hard work to constantly montiro for gluten! Your choices get so limited, but I felt SO much better, my energy went through the roof! So i think it would do wonders for your body.

Eva said...

Welcome Back! We missed you.