January 6, 2009


So one day after writing about TTC being a job I hate and don't get anything out of except negativity, I get a paper emailed to me by a co-worker written by David Whyte. The paper is called Keats and Conversation: The new and newly youthful world of work. Although, it was meant to be read and put into context with my paying job, two paragraphs really jumped out at me as it truly spoke to how I should look at my TTC job.

"In work as in life, we must contemplate the loss of everything in order to know what we have to give; it is the essence of writing, the essence of working, the essence of living; an essence that we look for by hazarding our best gifts in the world, and in that perspective, all of us are young and have the possibilities of the young until our last breath goes out."


"Where we find obstacles in the physical world, the soul finds a shoreline which is a frontier of arrival between the visible and the invisible. The soul of an individual is the longing inside each person for a greater sense of belonging, for a new country. We go through most workdays forgetting that this grand migratory force exists within us. We may feel a small satisfaction in a step taken, while the soul feels as if it is in anchored off the Promised Land, with just a short row to bring it home. As the level of our souls, no matter the difficulty in our work, or the responsibilities, or the possibility of failure, entire new worlds are coming into being."

I thought this might help boost the spirits of some who find themselves feeling a bit hopeless at the moment and hating their TTC job. It helped me look at my second job in a different light.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I've been mulling over the idea of TTC as a job and haven't yet responded to your last post. And now you've given me even more to think about, and a way to view the idea of "job" not as a chore but instead as a calling.

I hope you don't mind if I post about this same topic? Is it okay to link back to you if I do?

La said...

Thank you for sharing.