August 12, 2009

The Wrath of Bit

Amy and I always joke that whenever I'm not feeling well that Bit is angry. Eat a cheeseburger, Bit gets angry, wait to eat when I'm hungry, Bit gets angry. You get the general pattern. Well last night after work I stupidly decided that it would be a great idea to have soup for dinner. I'm not talking soup out of a can here people I mean dozens of ingredients, spices I've never heard of, made from scratch soup. So after a long day at work I schlepped it to the grocery store, bought said ingredients and spices and proceeded to spend the next 3 hours making soup. Don't get me wrong Amy and I thought the soup was AWESOME and so was the fresh baked bread I bought to go along with it.

One thing you need to know about me is that I hate, I mean HATE to throw up. I will do everything in my power not to do it. Although I have had bouts of nausea these past 13 weeks I have been successful at not throwing up. Deep breathing, trying not to make my mind go elsewhere and eating so many WarHeads that mouth has gotten raw has helped me with this. That was of course until last night.I'm not sure if it was the extra piece of bread I just knew was a bad idea to eat, the pre-natal vitamin I normally take right before I go to sleep or just doing to much last night but either way BIT WAS PISSED! Bit-1 Mama-0. Game on!


Unknown said...

I used to hate to throw up too. After puking 4 times a day for several weeks I got past it. Congratulations for holding out til week 13! Hope you find something bit likes better tonight!

Pufferfish said...

HaHa! I could've written part of this post myself.
I have to remember all of the food tricks as well or else as we say "babies no likey".
However, babies LIKEY cheeseburgers! Not so good for me, though!
I'm sorry you didn't escape the puke, I have puked exactly one time the entire first trimester as well, so I feel for you.
Just think, it could be SO much worse.
Hope you have a great dinner tonight!

Anonymous said...

ugh, sorry to hear you puked. its so not fun. hopefully that will be it for you, since you're out of the first trimester. ill keep fx for you! :)

Two Moms, Two Monkeys said...

yuck! I hated puking also! Don't worry as soon as you learn all the tricks the nausea will go away! Happy to hear you are at 13 weeks!

tireegal68 said...

Hi - I found you gals after a long hiatus - so glad that you are doing so well - and I hear you big time on the puking thing!!! LIKE BIG TIME!!!
I will be back for advice when i finally get knocked up. Note to self - don't make and eat huge pots of soup and crusty bread when preggers.
So good to have re-connected again. Your little bit is awfully cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! That sounds miserable. Hope bit likes tonights dinner better.

Mina said...

Awwwww! I hope you feel better soon, and Bit finds your next meal to be yummy!

Keri said...

I think you've done a great job getting this far! You should give yourself a good 2 points, at least!

Hanen said...

Heh! Soooo true! Good on you for holding out this long - my guess is that it might be the 3 hours wait rather than the soup itself that Bit objected too.

Cross fingers for you that that'll be the only puke of the pregnancy and that things settle down from here on in.

She said...

geesh! sorry. but i do agree that you've done outstanding so far not throwing up. i recall dp throwing up once because kid didn't like something she ate, but never again. hope that was the last time you puke. can you believe your 14 weeks already? wow. where does time go right?!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, sorry! Your soup sounds like it was great for everyone but the Bit! You're almost done with that nasty first trimester, so I'll cross my fingers that you stay well.

Gayby Rabies said...

Kids just don't appreciate all the work that goes into making a meal, do they? Sorry to hear you got sick. But kudos to you on finding lots of ways to prevent yourself from getting sick. I hope the icky part of the pregnancy is coming to an end for you.

Anonymous said...

Ugh....I hate to throw up too. Sorry, Little Bit was saying, 'Momma NO'. Love you three, Aunt DD

Kate said...

Sorry but you made me laugh
first with the soup making
and then with the game on baby!

So you-- I hope you win the battle and no more barfing! i hate it too, despise it, will do almost anything including crossroads and devils to avoid it... so,
good luck! preggie pops get rave reviews, as do motion sickness bands. However you get through it I hope you feel better, and
congratulations on your peach sized Bit. Coolest thing ever.