March 16, 2010

Moby Love

Jack before the Moby:

Jack after the Moby:

We love being able to wear him around. Not only because he's quiet and finally able to get some much needed rest but because we absolutely love having him so close to us. Getting to hear every little breath and snort that he makes lightens both our hearts and reminds us during all the rough times why this is so worth it.

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Pufferfish said...

Hee. Same scene at our house with Whoop Whoop!
I feel for you but thank god for the Moby!

B. said...

Aww... poor baby and poor mamas. I'm glad the Moby worked. Did you try any other baby-wearing things? None of my friends "wore" their kids, so I'd love to hear how you decided on the Moby.

Lisa said...

I've been debating on a moby but we already have 4 different carriers that I dare not purchase it (but I'm tempted). I got a hotsling and ergo carrier with baby insert at my shower. The hotsling came with a dvd which makes me laugh bc just from looking at it, I have no idea how to get it on. Is the moby hard to get on and off? How is on your back? I'm so glad you are enjoying Jack. I know this may be a sore subject but how much more maternity leave do you have?

anofferingoflove said...

such cute pics!! i love the moby too :D

Auntie Carly said...

What a great gift:) Who bought you such a thoughtful item?

Anonymous said...

I loved the Moby too!! So glad Jack is getting some rest.

Anonymous said...

I'm just getting caught up on your last several posts. It's so easy to giggle about your poopy pants from this side of things but I know how hard these first weeks must be and how that's probably not funny when in the trenches of newborn adjustment. Seems like each day offers you a bit more skil and understanding and I hope you find yourself and old hand a Jack wrangling very soon. Hang in there! You just have to make it through each day.

He's adorable by the way, especially with the violet mouth.