January 7, 2011

Major Milestones

This week has been both a challenge and amazing. I want to focus on the amazing right now and might write another post about the challenges another time. There is just too much goodness to talk about and I don’t want to taint or overshadow it with gloom.

We decided since Jackson is creeping up on the BIG #1 (sob, tear) that we would try weaning him off his pureed “baby” foods that I send to daycare. Every morning I pack 3- 4oz bottles of breast milk and three containers of homemade baby food for Jackson to enjoy throughout the day. He’s been eating some of the food provided at daycare like the other “big kids” in his class (12-18 month olds) but has mostly been eating what I’ve sent. I thought that over the next few weeks we would slowly taper off on the food I bring and get him full time on the “big boy” daycare provided food. Well my plan lasted a whole two days. Jackson is an eating machine! No more baby food for him thank you very much. He is on full time table and finger foods. There are some meals where he will have 2-3 servings. It’s like a flip has been switched and he’s now totally getting it. Food he used to hate, he now eats with vigour. I’m so excited for this change not only does it open up a whole new world for him but it also is one less thing I have to do every morning. It also makes me sad because it’s just another step away from babyhood.

Speaking of steps, Jackson officially started walking yesterday!! When I picked him up from daycare one of his teachers had a HUGE smile on her face and told Jackson to show me what he can do. I crouched down and reached out my arms and with the biggest and proudest grin on both our faces he took about 4 steps into my out reached hands. It was so nice to see everyone’s excitement over this major milestone. Heads were poking out from all sorts of doors to watch him toddle a few steps forward. I’ll try and capture is on video. Part of me wants to push him over so that he never walks and can stay a baby forever!

Now this one I’m scared to put in writing for fear of jinxing the whole thing but I’ll throw caution to the wind and say Jackson’s had two AMAZING nights of sleep. This means I’ve had two AMAZING nights of sleep! For the past two nights Jackson has gone to bed at 7:30ish, woken up at 11:30 where I feed him and then I head off to bed. Normally he will wake up again during the night but for the past two nights he has slept through until 6:30. What?!? What?!? Now I’m not going to lie the first night there was some crying on his part at 2:00 but I stuck to my guns and didn’t run in there. After 15min, there was quiet and that was the last I heard from him. Last night there wasn’t a peep. I NEVER thought we would get to this long of a stretch but there you have it. I’m hoping that we eventually get to cut out the 11:30 feeding but for now I’ll take this and enjoy it.

Who would have guessed 2011 would start out by being so eventful?


Five Finchers said...

Yah for walking and finger foods!!!! What great milestones!!

Anonymous said...

The exact same thing happened with Owen and his baby food...once he'd tasted the big boy food, no more purees for him!

Congrats on Jackson's walking! It's LIFE CHANGING. :)

I hope the great sleep continues. Way to stick to your guns!

Stacey said...

Congrats, Jackson! Watch out--soon he'll be RUNNING. :)

Not having to pack baby food is so heavenly. You can go to restaurants and just give him food from your plate, etc. It is awesome. :) Trust me, you won't miss the baby food stage.

Glad you're getting some awesome sleep. We finally had a better sleep and bedtime, even, last night. Maybe the air has changed. :P

Beth said...

Woohoo!!! How fun!

CD and SP said...

every stage gets more and more exciting--but i know how hard it is to let go of the little things that make jackson your "baby"!

Shannon said...

Wow, big milestones all at once! Yay for walking. I found it to be one of the most exciting milestones with both kids. And very exciting about the good sleep. Hope it continues. Do you find you feel even more tired now that you're getting more sleep? Kim and I both thought that. It's like when you get sleep suddenly, your body realizes just how tired you were and demands more.

Svillage said...

So many wonderful things happening!

Anonymous said...

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