March 14, 2007

Sex Ed 101

One of the most amazing things that I’ve learned so far in this whole trying to conceive process is how little I really did know about my body. Sure I was one of those kids who was separated from the boys in elementary school and sat in a room and taught the birds and the bees but that is nothing compared to what I’ve learned over the past few months.

I’ve not normally been a regular girl when it comes to my cycles but since I wasn’t worried about getting pregnant I didn’t really care (I mean who does get excited to have their period). But now that we are trying to get pregnant I find myself getting frustrated that my cycles are so long.

So in order to learn even more about myself we have decided to use the ClearBlue Easy monitor along with tracking my temperature every morning. Although it is on the pricy side we decided that it would be easier to use the monitor over just relying on the normal OPK sticks. I’ve read a lot about how people who are using these sticks have a hard time comparing if the test line is darker or lighter than the control line. This process is going to be stressful enough and I don’t want to have to worry about line colors.

So for the past 10 mornings I’ve had to pee on a stick and for the past 5 days have had a reading of high. I’m hoping that since this is the first time we used the machine next month it will get to know me better and the machine will get even more accurate. As with everything else in the process, I guess only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck to you both!

E and M, jumpingoutoftrees said...

We use Clearblue Easy, too, and the first month was kind of messed up. It gets much more accurate. Did you get the egg symbol?

Melissa said...

No egg symbol yet. 10 days of a high reading. I'm starting to think it's something with me and not the machine. The only thing that's making me feel ok right now is that I haven't had a temp spike yet.