March 1, 2007

My Sister

It has been a while since my last post but life at work has been very busy. Well, last weekend I told my sister about our plans to have a baby. I wanted her to be the next person to hear about our news but it did not turn out that way. Come to find out two of my family members posted comments (thanks for the support) without hearing it from Melissa or myself. I started to panic and having flashbacks about her finding out about Melissa and me (from a 3rd party) so I called her before someone else told her the news.

The Reaction

Well it could have been worse…She thanked me for not being the last to be told and said, “You know I love you and Melissa but you know it’s against my beliefs”. My sister has always been kind to Melissa and myself. Melissa and I both get along great with Jennifer and her husband Chris but there is always that feeling of awkwardness. I love Jenn but knowing she is against my love for Melissa is very hard to ignore. I always fear her rejection of us because of her strong beliefs. But against many odds Jennifer has not shut Melissa or me out of her life. We talk about things we can relate to like movies, old television shows, and Jenn’s addiction to Sonics route 44 Dr. Pepper drinks. It is weird because there is always a big elephant in the room when Jenn and I talk but I am happy that we both try even though we have different opinions. She is my sister and I will always care about her even if she disapproves of my lifestyle or I disapprove of hers.


M said...

I am glad your sister is trying. Kim and I recently "officially" told my sister and her husband about us. Their reaction was better than I expected and stated they just want me to be happy and love Kim too. My bro in law told Kim to adopt him as a bro since one of hers wont talk to her anymore. We are waiting until we get pregnant before we tell my sister like you guys did. I hope it goes well. I guess with time your sister will see how happy ya'll are together and it wont be akward anymore. Glad you are able to feel and show the love to your sister dispite belief differences.

Anonymous said...

I admire your and your sister's dedication to making your relationship work, despite your differences.

Dee said...

That's all you can ask for some times is that she tries. It's hard to be in that situation. Maybe one day something, such as seeing you both create a family, will help her understand it's okay to have her beliefs but love you unconditionally as well.