February 18, 2007

The Secret

Ever since it was featured on Oprah last week, I've been seeing and hearing about "The Secret" everywhere. I've seen it on TV, on blogs, on bulletin boards and the last instance was from my own mother. The basic gist of The Secret is: if you believe it and visualize it, it will happen. The reason I bring this up is that my mom was thinking that we are being a little too pessimistic about this whole process and that based on the principles of The Secret we are more or less just asking for this not to be the easiest of processes (not her exact words just my interpretation, sorry mom if I mis-sorta-quoted you).

I get the whole idea of The Secret. I learned this at a very young age when not wanting to go to school I would fake sick and then I'd truly end up getting sick. Our rationale for being cautious and what we feel is realistic about this entire process is more or less a protection mechanism. I've always tried not to get too excited about something just in case it didn't work or happen in the way I anticipated. That way (theoretically)it wouldn't hurt or be as disappointing.

So in order to make everything right with the universe (and my mom), I'll put it out there:

We believe that this will be an exciting, easy and uncomplicated process.

For the record that sentence took 5 minutes to write and another 10 not to delete. Who knew optimism could be so damn difficult?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this Melissa. I can use a little more of what The Secret has to offer in my life. I love you and Amy and will be thinking positive thoughts, because I know that I will hold in my arms your and Amy's little one someday soon. Aunt DD

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you two are doing this and so proud, you know I am behind you in whatever you might need. Amy, you are pretty much my sister and melissa, well, I consider it the you both!!!


Unknown said...

So WOW. I just got the email from Ryan. I have tears in my eyes right now. I am so excited for both of you and I cant wait to see you both in June when I drive through Atown. Not unless you want to come to graduation at the end of April. I am so excited for you two.......GO YOU !

Chass said...

Kudo's to your mom. My mother-in-law say's something to that effect. She say's, "If you want something, claim it". At first I had no clue as to what she meant. Then it happened, Dess and I was waiting on a response on a Condiminium we wanted to lease. I was in LOVE with this place, I wanted nothing else but this place. Lola (my mother-in-law) called and told me to acknowledge out loud, and to believe that the condo was ours. Do you know that night November 2, 2006, I claimed it, and the mext day we received the call telling us to pick up our keys. We moved in November 30th, 2006.