February 2, 2007


Our next step is to track Melissa’s next three cycles to find out the best time to take try to become pregnant. The hardest part so far is making sure we have read everything and are being patient in the information gathering stage. This stage is definitely the most important part of our journey.

We will not go to the doctor again until we have tracked three complete cycles. It should take around four months to finish. In the mean time our doctor has recommended Melissa take folic acid and make a couple of diet changes. We are going to use the Doctor’s recommended sperm bank (California Cryobank) and select three donors we are interested in using. We have to select three because sometimes donors are not available because of the limits the donor can be used.

Sometimes I wish I could fast-forward four months to start the insemination process but I guess we should enjoy the time we have now. From everything we have read it will be a roller costar ride once the insemination process begins. Therefore, I will try to remember to enjoy the present because it may be bumpy once we start living our lives in 2-week cycles. But the ride will hopefully be worth it, to fulfill our dreams of having a child.


Anonymous said...

I am behind you all the way....My love to you both. You will be in my prayers and I can't wait for another little one in the family.
I love you both....Aunt DD