February 14, 2007

The Journey

One concern I have is that we will spend our entire savings and still not have a baby. We have worked so hard to prepare both financially and mentally for a child. I think one thing we are not prepared for is that it won’t work. I have read so many stories of tragedy and happiness. But in each story of happiness there is an obstacle that one has to overcome. Many of the success stories have tragedies at one point in their experience. So what I take from that is maybe we will have some bumps or even mountains but the end result is worth all the sacrifices we may make during our journey.


Wendy and Karen said...

Well ladies, we'll wish for you the same luck we have found in our process to becoming moms. Wendy got pregnant on the first try and has had a wonderful pregnancy. We're in the "home stretch" now expect a healthy little girl to join us real soon!

You never know when you start the journey how it will go, but regardless of what the trip ends up looking like for you, you will eventually get to the end!

All the best to you on this wonderful journey!

Anonymous said...

Hey amy and melissa,
have you considered having an east indian baby?? Looking forward to seeing you both in the summer.