November 24, 2007

9/8 DPI

Today we are 9/8 days past insemination and I'm not feeling anything. Which is nice because that means there is nothing to obsess over. I'm still not convinced I've ovulated this cycle mostly based on the 2 low temps I did take after the trigger shot. So that being said I don't really think that I should be having any symptoms. I went and got my progesterone test yesterday so we'll see what that has to say later on next week.

This TWW (two week wait) has gone by so fast, I think that the combination of no temping, thinking I didn't ovulate plus a lot going on in life has really kept my mind off things. Also the end of Thanksgiving brings the start of the Christmas season. Amy and I put up our Christmas decorations and bought some lights to put up outside (I LOVE Christmas).

Amy's birthday is Monday so we have enough stuff planned to help keep us distracted for the last half of the TWW until our doctor's appointment on Friday when we find out the protocol for our monitored cycle in December.


Evillage said...

Happy Birthday Amy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Amy! And here's to lots of distractions in the TWW!!! Glad you are enjoying the beginning of the holiday season.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Amy~

Glad you guys are keeping occupied over the TWW. T being gone isn't helping me much--i tested today (9dpo) and of course got a bfn. i'll be sending you good ++++ vibes over the next few days in hopes that you don't even need that monitored cycle.

Kim aka Mommy said...


Lots of luck!

(I love Christmas too!)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Amy! glad the TWW is rushing on by!

Keri said...

Happy Birthday Amy!
I can't believe you "rolled up your sleeves" and viola - this amazing hat! I could roll mine until there was no more sleeve and still never get this kind of masterpiece!
Seriously, very cute.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Amy :)

Wonderful that time is going by quickly for this TWW. Good luck!

Are you (or have you been) using Fertility Friend??? If so...has it helped you??