November 18, 2007

An apple a day...

I have a couple friends who are pregnant and one of the baby showers is coming up in the next few weeks so I decided to roll up my sleeves this weekend and try and knit a fruit baby hat. Since she's having a boy I figured an apple hat is masculine enough. I was actually surprised at how easy it was to make.

Here is a picture of the final product. Next I'm going to make a lemon hat and a lime hat for the other friend who doesn't know what she's having yet.

On the baby front I have officially broken up with my thermometer. I refuse to temp even one more day. According to my thermometer my temp has not risen and therefore I have not ovulated. Even though I was on 50mg of Clomid and had a trigger shot. All that damn thing does is cause me more stress and second guessing. I'm getting my progesterone levels checked on Friday so we will see if this cycle is over earlier then we would have hoped.

If this cycle doesn't work out we've decided to do monitored cycles with the doctor from now on so that we can have a better clue what the hell is going on.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Unknown said...

That hat is so cute!
If my wife can make socks..she should be able to make this..right?

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm impressed! The lemon and lime hats sound cute.

Sorry your frustrated w/ temping. Don't throw it out the window yet, you may make-up.

Anonymous said...

The hat is ADORABLE. Cutest thing I have ever seen. Ever.

Temping is utterly frustrating. Hoping for the best for you guys soon.

Margo, darling said...

I've avoided temping b/c it's too much math and too much stress. I've had good results with opks, though I know not everyone does. Since I'm old I test twice a day when I think I'm close. Do they not work for you?

Holly said...

What a cute hat!! I love it!

I am with you on the temping. I will be TTCing in about 2 months and I am not into temping. Too much to think about for me.

Unknown said...

Sounds like your plan of dr. monitored cycles will take a load of stress off, which is always a good thing. This is stressful enough!

tbean said...

Wow! What a CUTE hat---your friend (and son) will love this gift!

The day we insemmed I put the therm. away. I only plan on using it now in the first 2 weeks of the cycle. Once the swimmers are in, I don't want the stress of watching my temp rise or fall. So far...I'm really enjoying the break from it!

We're 2ww buddies this month! So hoping for you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little hat! i love it!
We gave up the thermometer a while back. i mean honestly, some nights i sleep with the covers on, sometimes off. Sometimes T and i are snuggly, sometimes we aren't. Right now the weather is changing dramatically here, so honestly there's no way for me to accurately track my waking body temperature. Oh well!
i hope that your timing was spot on this month and that you get some good news really soon!!

Kim aka Mommy said...

I KNOW I left a comment! I guess it got lost in cyberspace. Anyhow..

I LOVE the hat! How cute is that!?

As always, we're thinking of yall!

CD and SP said...

i hate temping, too. well, i hated when s. temped because it always woke me up! ahh!

and love the hat--i made a pumpkin one recently very similar to that one. yay knitters!!