June 22, 2009

Ultrasound #1 Scheduled

Thanks everyone for there input. The more Amy and I think about it and do our internet searches we are more and more convinced that there will be only one little one that will be on the ultrasound. Your feedback has helped confirmed it and eliminated the stress.

We were supposed to go in for our first ultrasound this Friday (7 weeks) but I have to go out of town for the day on business and then our RE is out the beginning of next week so we'll go in the morning of the 2nd. We're disappointed that scheduling conflicts has pushed it out a week but are telling ourselves there will be more to see since we'll be close to 8 weeks then.

I'll go in this Friday to make sure my progesterone level has gone up. I didn't realize how taking progesterone two times a day would kick my ass. No extreme symptoms just general waves of ickiness. In these moments I remember how long and hard we fought to get here and how many are still out there fighting. I try so hard not to cry or whine but I have to admit that sometimes it's hard.


Anonymous said...

hon, that's not the progesterone causing waves of ickiness, thats the baby! welcome to the wonderful world of morning sickness!!

you are right about the u/s - going in at 8 weeks will reveal a much more baby-formed blob than at 7. cant wait to see the pics! :D

Anonymous said...

Sorry that you have to wait for the next appointment, but you're right, there will be more to see!

Ah, ickiness. You're doin well, girl!

B. said...

You go right ahead and whine. Just because some of us aren't there yet doesn't mean we all think that pregnancy is a walk in the park. Of course it's all worth it in the end, but that doesn't mean you can't complain about the downsides of being pregnant. I can't wait to hear how the u;trasound goes. Hang in there!



She said...

hang in there a little while longer. there will be more baby to see by then and the first time you see your little bean it will take your breath away. congrats to you ladies again.

Anonymous said...

I am still out here fighting and I want to tell you to cry and whine away! Just because you are pregnant does not mean it is easy and that you can't complain when you feel like ass.

So excited for your u/s!

Hanen said...

How exciting! We just had our first scan (7 weeks) yesterday, so must be on about the same schedule as you guys. And I had some similar worries about our HCG result (only one test - 2060 at approx 18DPO) but were relieved (and over the moon) to see just one little jellybean in there with a heartbeat.

Hang in there - it is so hard being patient (and trying to be calm while you are waiting to find out more), and hope the ickiness subsides a bit. (do you find it helps if you nibble on something?) But feel free to talk about the hard stuff as well as the good stuff - that's what blogs are for.


Stef said...

Just wanted to say congrats. My partner and I are `10 dpi right now.. hoping for baby dust myself!!!! :)

Hanen said...

Good luck Stef! fingers crossed for you & your partner!

Next in Line said...

Eight weeks will be a great time to see the little one. Those pills are ass kickers. I took them three times a day and I felt so much better when I finally stopped. Hang in there.

S. said...

the best things come to those who wait ;)

J and D said...

We had our first ultrasound at around the same time (7 weeks 6 days). I know it's hard to wait! I've found that as I've gotten more confident the time starts to go by faster!
When we had our first u/s D thought she saw a second sac but it was just my bladder. lol