June 29, 2009

How Naive

The first six weeks were easy breezy. I have to admit that I was actually getting a little cocky thinking that I would be that one in a hundred that would skate by the first trimester. Well reality has set in my friends and it is not happy with me for thinking I could be above all the symptoms.

Ironically, the morning is the best time for me but when 2:00 hits it's not pleasant. I have yet to throw up (I HATE throwing up and will do everything and anything to avoid it). I really don't understand why it seems that women don't tell each other the unpleasantness of pregnancy. I can't even count the number of pregnant women who said they were feeling great when you asked how they were doing. LIARS!!

Telling the truth doesn't make you less grateful for where you are or less deserving of a child. So I will attempt to be as honest as possible about what we are going through during this pregnancy even if the truth might be ugly.

Ultrasound on Thursday!!


Anonymous said...

The nausea is the WORST. Sorry that it has hit you.

Keep on snackin'....that's what helped keep things at bay, eating every hour to hour and a half. Anything you can keep down!!


Anonymous said...

That nausea is utter hell. I was under the same assumption that I might escape it, and I was so wrong. The good thing is that it (usually) doens't last into the second trimester, and you will likely get to that lovely point where you are indeed feeling great. Until then, hang on, sister. Keep up on the snacks, as mentioned above, and get yourself some good strong candies to suck on--ginger does wonders, but so does lemon (I personally became a big fan of lemon drops). If it gets really bad, try out the suckers and lozenges called Preg.gie Pops. They really do work.

I hope it subsides soon!

Anonymous said...

ugh, sorry to hear the ms has set in. it is no fun. the pp'ers have offered good advice - keep your blood sugar up with frequent snacks and candies. and if it gets really bad, dont hesitate to ask your doc for drugs, i would have died without them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you aren't one of the lucky ones! Good thing though or the other first tri preggos might hate you ;)
Hope you find some relief from the nausea soon. Don't be shy about sharing the discomforts here, we all get it!

Claudia said...

Ah, yes...the truth. I felt the same way about the afterbirth experience with the baby. It's not fun for at least the first four weeks. As for the pregnancy...I never lied. I was that one in a hundred. :p hope u feel better sweetums!

Kate said...

gratitude and nausea can coexist, and I think our culture hoodwinks us into thinking pregnancy feels better than it does- glowing and all that-
um, right.
in my brief experience it was mainly uncomfortable. Mind you, I am ready for that again thankyouverymuich, but still, I guess I was not expecting it. I hope you revel in the great moments, and know you have sympathy when you feel crappy, and you are absolutely allowed to vent about the bad shit, no one here will ever think you are anything other than blessed, and full of gratitude.

ginger helps some folks, lemon drops help others.
hope you find something that helps you.
nausea wrist bands?

good luck, and happy to hear things are going well. Looking forward to your beautiful affirming perfectly normal ultrasound!

Keri said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Hopefully it'll pass quickly. Can't wait to hear about the ultra sound!

B. said...

Nausea sucks, no matter the cause. I hope it disappears soon and you have the chance to really enjoy being pregnant. Can't wait for the first glimpses of your little one. Hang in there!

Pufferfish said...

You know I'm hanging on to your every post wondering if that's gong to be me in a week...oh I hope not!!
I'm sorry it has hit you and I hope you find your 'magic bullet' that works to make it a little bit better.
I already ordered a "morning sickness kit" from Amazon that has all kinds of good things in it.

Here's to a great ultrasound!

Gayby Rabies said...

Sorry to hear that the nausea has become so terrible. But they say that bad morning sickness means that the hormones are just doing what they should. I'm sure that's not much comfort when you're hugging porcelain. I hope you find some method, be it wristbands or sour candy or keeping a full stomach that helps keep the ickies at bay. I'm looking forward to seeing the ultrasounds pics in a few days!

R said...

So sorry you are feeling so bad. I have to say I had a laugh as soon as you said LIARS, my friend said the same thing, she has been the one constant for me telling me IT"S AWFULLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! And she will lNEVER do it again.. of course she did and she is saying the same thing again. LOL!! But she did say it gets better in second trimester.. you are over halfway there :)

j.k-c. said...

So sorry that "it" has found you. It does suck...I remember feeling so hungover for about 7-8 weeks (starting at about week 6). I never lied about it though. I may have been too tired to talk about it much at all, but I didn't lie as I wore my sea bands (fashion statement of the summer) and had my pocket full of preggie pops. It does get better (for most) and I felt AWESOME around week 14.
Take care of yourself and get lots of rest.

Next in Line said...

There are so many things I didn't know about being pregnant. It is tiring and hard sometimes and yet still fun! I am still just so thrilled that you are well and truly knocked up! Now come on ultrasound day. Hurry up!

Amy said...

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Stacey said...

poor thing, know how it feels, and megs is just starting! I drank coridal, it helped... sending love

dariasquirrel said...

ug- those ickies in the night. and then all day...i had them too. BUT they passed at 13 weeks like MAGIC for me. try to hang on. i know, it's so hard when you tried and tried for so long and then you feel like you cannot complain when you are so utterly ill! but, that's what a good partner is for! help you thru those rough spots! i finally figured out that making a little half a peanut butter sandwich or eating some bread and crackers at the night wake up really helped...or almonds before bed. the protein keeps you satiated and took the edge off for me. wishing you a quick 1st trimester, the second one is really awesome!!!

J and D said...

I think people may forget rather than lie and I personally found that morning Sickness wasn't what I had expected at all. I'm not sure how I'd describe it to someone else other than to say YUCK.
I hope I'm not going to curse myself by saying this... but I've been feeling pretty good over the last few days. I'm alreadying downpalying how bad I felt! lol