November 3, 2009

Gettin'r Done

We are checking things off left and right from our to do list.

- finished registry
- bought crib
- bought dresser (will serve as changing table)
- bought bookshelf
- bought car seat
- bought stroller
- got lots of great baby must haves from friends
- getting our wills put together
- second parent adoption paperwork started
- on daycare waiting lists
- birthing classes start this weekend

- interview pediatricians
- baby shower
- get last few baby items
- sew baby quilts
- finish knitted cap
- schedule home visit with social worker
- attend babies & dogs class

Our goal is to have everything done by the end of December so that the last stretch can be as stress free as possible. I honestly don't know how we would have done the registry on our own. It is a completely overwhelming experience. We solicited the help of new moms to help us register and look through our registry to let us know what was needed, nice to have or a complete waste of time. Their insight was invaluable and I highly recommend doing that if you are feeling lost.

We even got our first gift sent to us off of our registry. VERY FUN!!


GIsen said...

I didn't know there was second parent adoption in Texas. And on that note it good you started early on that because I here queer parents here complaining about how long the whole process takes.

anofferingoflove said...

sounds like ya'll are on top of things! im very impressed!

Two Moms, Two Monkeys said...

I am a "To Do List" kinda girl and love checking things off! As for the second parent adoption, that is great that you started so soon! We had our paperwork done and filed as soon as the boys were born, did the homestudy and within a month she had her report ready. Now we are just waiting for the boys to get a little healthier before taking them to the courthouse to make it all official. I was surprised at how easy the whole process has been! Hope it goes smoothly for you as well...Good luck!

J and D said...

Impressive! You're really on top of things!!

Lisa said...

Wow and Yikes. Wow- totally impressed by the two of you and what you've accomplished so far. You are so awesome.I can't wait to see pics of everything, especially the quilts. Yikes- It made me realize that there are some things that didn't even dawn on me yet like wills, second parent adoption, and babies and dog class. BTW- I still get a mind trip coming to your blog and readjusting in my mind to which one is truly Amy and which one is Melissa. It may take a while.
I totally agree about the registry. It's so incredibly overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats on getting so many things crossed off of your list! Sounds like you've been very productive. I'm envious that you can initiate parts of your 2nd parent adoption before the baby is in PA, we've been advised not to do anything until Buster makes his arrival. Hopefully soon!

tiff said...

Good job ladies!! You guys have gotten A LOT of stuff done!

It's fun, isn't it?? I remember how excited I was the first time someone sent me something of the registry!!!


Gayby Rabies said...

Cool, I've never even heard of a babies and dogs class. It sounds like something very useful. Where do you find something like that?

Pufferfish said...

I love getting things checked off the list! You have been very busy that's for sure. It will all be worth it not to have to be running around taking care of all this in the 3rd uncomfortable trimester.

CJ said...

You're smart to get it done and then relax and enjoy the final stretch. Baby gifts are SOOO much fun!

Anonymous said...