November 18, 2009

Still Breech

Had a midwife's appointment today and Bit is still breech. Apparently Bit is destined to be a Olympic diver because he/she is in the pike position making a V shape, with head in the upper right and feet in the upper left. Our midwife isn't worried about this and thinks that Bit will flip by 32 weeks. In the meantime she has given us some tips on how to encourage Bit to take a nose dive.

1. Go to a pool and do somersaults or handstands (ummmm...NO WAY! I wouldn't even be able to do this if I wasn't pregnant.)
2. Shine a flashlight down the side of my belly
3. Play music lower down on my belly
4. Apply pressure to the outside of my pinky toes

Needless to say I will be trying 2-4 and leaving 1 for some other brave soul.

Next visit we'll be doing the glucose tolerance test. I've heard all these stories about how nasty the drink is so I was prepared for the worst. To my pleasant surprise my orders are to eat a very sugary breakfast. The example given was pancakes with syrup, big glass of orange juice and some eggs (I will be rounding the meal out with some crispy bacon on the side). This might be the best test prep I've ever had to endure!!


Shannan Riemer said...

Okay,I have to tell you, my doctor advised me not to change anything in my diet before the test, so, I made the usual gluten free brownies the night before and had my usual three or four brownies, needless to say-I failed the test and had to retake. The retake sucked! I didnt eat anything with sugar the second round and passed. The actual drink isnt that bad, drawing blood every 30 minutes for three hours was hell(second test).

S. said...

Actually, for a friend, it was #1 that helped. She would go to the Y and play in the pool, going upside down underwater and he would flip. Then, like clockwork, he would flip back within the day.

Lisa said...

Interesting ways to get the baby to turn. Do you like your midwife? I don't know if I remember you talking about what she is like.

Maggie May said...

Stumbled here and just wanted to say good luck..I'm the mom of three and hate those glucose tests!