April 1, 2011


Let me start off by saying no we are not dead, yes I still have my arms and fingers and no my computer has not been infected with some horrible virus. My initial reaction is to say we've been busy but when I read stories like A Story of Two Moms that excuse just comes off as incredibly lame so I will make no excuses.

So much has happened in the time I last wrote:
- Jackson had his first birthday
- We had a house full of grandparents come for a visit
- We experienced a month of sickness
- We found out we are moving...again
- Jackson is a running and "talking" machine

With so much to catch up on and being that horrible blogger that I am I've challenged myself to post everyday for the month of April to get back in the swing of things. So until tomorrow here is a recent picture of Jackson. He's starting to look like an actual kid!


Gayby Rabies said...

What happened to baby Jackson, and who is that big kid in the bathtub?

anofferingoflove said...

he got so big!!!! good to see you back in the blogosphere!

Shannon said...

He does look like a big kid in that picture! So glad that you're blogging again. Yay!

H2 said...

That is definitely not a baby in the tub! So adorable!!!

Michelle said...

Glad you're back! :)

Anonymous said...

We missed you! Can't wait to hear all about the next move!

Anonymous said...

Missed you all! Welcome back! :)

jessie said...

What a sweetie! Glad to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Looks like your baby has grown so much!