April 2, 2011

Moving 2.0

Let me set the stage. We moved to Toronto in September and decided to rent a house for a year. It is by no means our dream house but it had an outdoor space for Campbell and a couple other items that were on our must list so here we are.

Cut to the beginning of February and our landlord knocks on our door as we are about to head out for Jackson's birthday party. He explains he'd like to talk to us and we agree on a day for him to return. Whenever your landlord wants to speak with you it can never be good and when he came back around a couple days later carrying a bottle of wine I knew we were screwed.

So apparently, our landlord had gotten a permit the year before to do work on our house but because of the market decided to rent it out instead. When going to renew the permit he was told no and he would need to start work by the end of June or lose the permit. So basically us living here was a huge problem.

However, our landlord, aka Daddy Warbucks also owns the house next door and has asked if we would be willing to move one house over. After looking at the house (which is nicer than ours), haggling on the rent and listing out a few other items we wanted it was all set.

So there you have it, our second move within a year. But this time it will only be a few feet to the east rather than thousands of miles north.

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J and DZ said...

Total and complete pain in the ass but it actually sounds like you came out ahead! Daddy Warbucks? lol No kidding! Owning at least two rental houses in Toronto, and in your hood? RICH. I hope you got a great deal! (;

Shannon said...

At least you're moving in the right direction (east). :)

J and DZ said...

Actually, WEST is best. (;

Schroedinger said...

I am re-reading all your posts about moving in an effort to prepare. It does sound like ultimately you won on this one, even though WHAT A PAIN it will be to re-pack and re-move everything only a few feet!