July 26, 2007


Alright we've been tagged by We Are Fambly

Here are the rules:
Let others know who tagged you.
Players start with 8 random facts about themselves
Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts
Players should tag 8 other people and tell them they’ve been tagged.

So we're going to break the rules slightly and list 4 facts about me and 4 about Amy.

Melissa's Facts:
1. I was an exchange student in Germany when I was in 11th grade

2. My mom (jokingly) told my sister and I that we had a 3rd sister named Bridget when we were growing up and would always compare us to her when we would be bad (Bridget was perfect you see). When I was in 3rd grade I added Bridget to my family tree for a class project and my mom never mentioned her again.

3. I was a really good softball player when I was younger (pitcher, first base and center field)

4. In keeping with the Anne Murray theme from We Are Fambly, my first concert was Anne Murray and I got to go backstage and have my picture taken with her.

Amy's Facts:
1. I can't talk on the phone and sit still at the same time. I have to always walk around when I'm talking.

2. I gag the entire time I have to clean the litter I don't do it.

3. One of the most important people in my life is my Grandma

4. I have an amazing ability to retain sports statistics and anything related to 80s music...Guns N' Roses and Journey ROCK!!

Ok. I've already seen this on the majority of the blogs so I don't want to retag anyone whose done this already. If anyone want to volunteer to do one I'll update this post with a link to your blog.


Anonymous said...

Fun stuff.....It's nice to know that about you all even though I knew some of Amy's facts. Here's mine since I don't have a blog.
1) I was the first baby to be baptized on TV in the Tulsa area.
2) My mom was told I was a boy by mistake when I was born.
3) I had open heart surgery when I was 19 and a pacemaker put in when I was 36.
4) The most important influence in my life has been my mother. She was there for me many times growing up when I was sick. I absolutely adore her.

I love you both...Aunt DD

Kim aka Mommy said...

I thought I knew 80's music til I met M. My word! She can name that tune in 1 note!

Funny about Bridget. I had a "Fred". My dad came up with him and Fred got blamed for all the things that went wrong or disappeard around the house. I still blame Fred when I visit mom and dads for the missing brownies and such. :o)

Holly said...

Love the meme! I can't sit down when I talk on the phone either! LOL!