August 7, 2007

Donor Woes

Mid last week we called the bank and were told that there was an "ample" supply of the donor we selected. We were sent our storage/order documents to fill out and we faxed them back over. It turns out that we must have picked the high school quarterback of Cryobank High because he now has 1 vial left. :(

So our our choices are to wait until October when the "quarterback" will be back in stock or go with our second runner up. Amy was more upset about this turn of events then I was, she really liked everything mentioned in the long description.

This whole process flashes me back when we were looking at buying a house, we found many we liked, some we even made offers on but in the end it all worked out and we got the house we have today and now look back on those other houses with wonder at what we even liked about them.

We have decided to go with Donor #2 for our first 3 tries. If it doesn't work out over the next few months then we can always go back to the quarterback. And on a more positive note, if it does work with #2 I have a ginormous feeling that we will look at our baby and wonder what we even liked about the quarterback in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Don't they know how much angst and emotion goes into making this decision? It's not like they've run out of your favourite washing up liquid so you have to buy a different brand.
FWIW though, I totally agree with you. If baby arrives courtesy of donor #2 offerings, donor #1 will be the furthest from and least impostant thing on your minds.

Holly said...

So sorry about the donor angst. WE believe in fate and maybe Donor #2 really is meant to be the one.
If you know our whole story, a fateful switch in donors is what did it for us and we couldn't imagine it happening any other way.

Anonymous said...

You are right! It's amazing how much those initial concerns about donors diminish over time.
Are you able to try one month with your first choice and then move on from there?

Anonymous said...

Now you are going to have something very special.

Who wants the sale of the month "item", that 10 other people already bought?

I agree with you Melissa, it is meant to be.

Keep looking forward to this wonderful time.

Love you, MOM

tbean said...

We had the same experience with our current house--we had our first choice fall through (and we thought choice #1 was PERFECT) and now that we've moved, we can't imagine why we wanted that house in the first place. I'm sure in a little time, donor 2 will come to seem just as special. Can't wait for the first try!!

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what happened to us. I don't even remember anything about donor number one now. Number two was the best donor ever because he helped us make our boy.