August 16, 2007

I think I just need to breathe

All of this stressing isn't helping so I've decided I need to step back, take a breath and let the chips fall where they may. Today is CD18 and in looking at my chart it looks as though I might have ovulated on CD16 (I'll know for sure tomorrow based on my temperature.) I think my reason for stressing was that this cycle was unlike any of the others. All the signs I used to use to gauge my ovulation didn't appear, but the monitor and OPK both read a peak/positive. I'm not sure if it's the effects of the clomid or the acupuncture or my change in diet and cutting down on caffeine or all of the above that created this different cycle. Instead of concentrating on all the worrying and the uncertainty I need to focus on the facts, that is if I did in fact ovulate on CD16 then the clomid worked! Yay!

My biggest worry is that this cycle will follow the same pattern as the other ones, in that I won't ovulate and then we'll have to wait some more. But since I don't have control over any of this (something I hate!) I have to just go with the flow (no pun intended).

I'll continue taking my temp., go to my doctor's appointment to make sure the clomid didn't have any nasty side effects and go get my blood work done to check my progesterone levels. In the meantime I'm going to relax and go to the acupuncturist and then out to drinks with friends. If breathing doesn't help at least a beer will!


Anonymous said...

I'm betting the clomid did it's trick. And the beer certainly will!

I'm loving the mini poll thing you've added too - cool.

Anonymous said...

Breathe and beer - a great combination! Wishing you a lot of peace right now, know how crazy it can get. A big thing we learned was to not put all our eggs in the "temp" basket. It doesn't work for everyone, and in the end, we (I really mean SW) just stopped temping all together. It was too nerve-wracking when it didn't correlate to what we thought that it should. Egads. More breaths!!

tbean said...

Good to learn all this stuff now, during a dry-run, and not next month, I hope. Bet the beer helped--for me it's a magarita. I just started temperature charting again yesterday. We're rooting for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to ya. I'm Jen a fairly anonymous well~wisher who has been thru this all before, and am hoping for the best.

Blogs/internet etc are all captivating, but when you get that kid...WOW!! The computer will be off until the lil' guy is fast asleep (like mine finally is :) )

Good luck.

Evillage said...

The lack of control is the hardest part. Hang in there.

ohchicken said...

sister, we are so in the same boat. any update a few days on?