February 19, 2008


Not much to say. No symptoms (except for the ones I always get before AF) so I'm really not holding out much hope this time around. Not sure if we're going to test or just wait and see if AF shows or not. I'm letting Amy make that call.

So to keep myself occupied I finished the top section of my friend's baby quilt. I LOVE IT and am so excited to give it to her. She's having a little girl and I thought it would be great to incorporate pictures of her and her husband as babies into the pattern. Below is a quick peek. If anyone reading this knows JD please don't tell her what I'm making, it's a surprise.


Lizzie said...

Beautiful quilt. Great idea to use the photos! I love it.

I'm one day behind you ... this is my first go 'round, so I don't know when I'd test, if I'd test, if it's better to wait for AF, etc. Ack!

Fingers crossed for you!

Stacey said...

That is such a cool gift! I would never know how to do something like that! Good on you!

Also, sending our wishes ur way, xx

Anonymous said...

Um, how'd ya do that? The whole picture thing? Well, however you did it, it looks great.

Oh, and your in a much better place than I am if you can even think about baby gifts for others. Go you!

And of course, I hope you get a surprise on testing day.

NotesFrom2Moms said...

i'm impressed that is beautiful. One of our friends gave us a quilt as a wedding present - we cherish it. good luck with the testing dilemna.

Kim aka Mommy said...

Great job on the blanket!

Thinking of you 2!

Keri said...

The quilt is amazing! You are such a talent! Hopefully you'll be making one of those for your little bump sometime very soon!
Fingers crossed!