February 3, 2008

Busy Year

It has been a while since I have posted on the blog. There are many reasons but mostly because we have been out of baby mode for the last 2 months. Another reason is that my dad is sick.

Last year was a roller coaster for me, it was unforgettable. Last year we focused on having a baby and started this blog. We also got married in Canada. I had disagreements with family on my decisions to have a baby. My mom got married to someone I had not even met. We thought we were pregnant and then suffered a loss before getting pregnant. Finally, we found out at the end of the year my dad has cancer.

It was a big blow to an interesting year. Just six months before the news about my dad, he came to Calgary to celebrate my wedding. He was the only represeative of my family that came to our day. Just his acceptance and his desire to come to Canada made me closer to him than I have ever been. My dad has his flaws but his heart is bigger than anyone I know. I hope that I am just like him.

My dad had surgery at the first of the year to remove the cancer and the good news is that the surgery went well and they got it out. The bad news is that it went to the lymph nodes. They told us out of many tested it was only found in three. However, chemotherapy is now needed.

A week ago from today, I received a phone call that my dad was in bad shape and they couldn't stabilize him. Melissa and I flew out right away and fortunately, my dad survived the scare. His blood pressure was at 47/29 and he made it. We found out that after his surgery something happened and he had an infection on his abdomen. He was septic and really sick. Today he is home, happy, and ready to fight the next step.

Melissa keeps wondering if we should wait to start trying to have a baby but I really want to keep going. It is something I can focus on and it also makes my dad happy.

It looks like we will be inseminating later this week. Wish us luck.


ohchicken said...

wow. what a year it has been. many blessings for this year: for your dad, and your marriage, and for growing your family.

Unknown said...

This has been a crazy year- sending all kinds of good strong thoughts to your dad for his wellness while wishing you strength in dealing with things and luck in your upcoming insem!!

Anonymous said...

Blimey. Sending positive thoughts to you both and to your Dad! xx

Kim aka Mommy said...

I've been in that same crazy year boat as you and it sucks. No other way to describe it.

Much love and healing to your dad and super positive sticky thoughts to the 2 of you!

We're going for lucky try #3 this weekend! Let's do this thing together!!

Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry your dad is ill. i wish him a speedy recovery and peace for you. i'm glad he's home and doing better. it can be difficult to decide whether to keep up with ttc in such turmoil, but i think that you are being positive and maybe focusing on the possibilities of this next year will help. good luck and keep us up to date!

Anonymous said...

What a year!
I'm glad to hear your dad's op went well. The lymph node thing is scary, but our friend who had similar has recently been given her all clear - chemo is miserable, but it works. You'll all be in our thoughts while he fights this.

Good luck with the upcoming insem - we'll be waiting together this cycle.

R said...

Wow!! What a crazy year. Your life has seemed to mimic mine a lot lately. A few years ago my mom went to Vegas and married someone and 2 weeks later, divorced. Never met him.
This year, my partner's mom has been diagnosed with Stage IV sarcoma and is going to undergo chemotherapy. We had been TTC for 11 months and I wanted to jump back into trying again to make her happy, and of course, b/c i Really want a baby. Unfortunately, there are other things going on in my relationship that need to be addressed.
I wish you the best of luck and hope that all goes well with your dad. Hope all goes well with babymaking too :) Glad to hear ya are back on board with it :)

tbean said...

So sorry to hear about your dad's illness. I hope he continues to improve and get stronger and that the worst is behind you. It's hard to decide to inseminate in the midst of other stressors...until of course you determine that there is never a "perfect" time. Wishing you lots of luck this cycle. I'm thinking about you guys lots!

Anonymous said...

I wish you all the luck in the world.

Anonymous said...

Good luck good luck good luck.

And i am SO sorry to hear about your father. He sounds like an incredibly supportive and loving person. i hope he pulls through this with flying colors and gets to witness the birth and life of his grandchild.

Thinking of you guys...

Holly said...

I'm glad your dad has gotten through this recent scare and we are sending all of our well wishes for the rest of his battle.
Good luck to you guys on the insem. We will be thinking of you and your family.

Holly & Lois

Batty said...

Good luck with the insem - I'll be thinking of you.

Also wishing your dad a speedy recovery.


Ali said...

I am sorry to read about your dad and am glad he survived his infection.
Wishing you positives for your insem.

j.k-c. said...

So, so sorry for all that you are going through. My thoughts are with you and your family.