February 9, 2008

Try #4

This week was filled with doctor's appointments. I went in on Tuesday for my first follicle scan. There were a bunch of little ones but only 1 dominant follicle at 18mm. When I went back in Thursday for scan #2 the 18mm had grown to 20mm. Our doctor gave me the marching orders that if I didn't surge on my own by Friday to come in and get a trigger shot.

So now it's Saturday and the deed is done. I went in yesterday for my hcg trigger shot and we went in this morning for the IUI. I'm pretty ho hum about this cycle. Not sure if it's because we did monitored cycles this time so I feel a lot of the responsibility shift off of me or if it's just because I'm trying to protect myself from feeling excitement only to have it crush down around me. It is times like this that I look in awe at the people who have been doing this over and over again and find the strength and spirit to continue on to the next cycle.

We've decided to stop temping again after we've detected the temperature shift. It was really helpful in easing the stress last time we did it.

Thank you all for the kind words about Amy's dad. They meant a lot to both of us.

Next steps:
Acupuncture Wednesday
Get progesterone levels checked next Saturday


tbean said...

We're waiting too...try three for us. I know what you mean about being awed over some couples' fortitude and strength to go round and round this process. But, I keep telling myself that it doesn't take that long for everyone and I hope we're two of the lucky ones in the shorter than 6 tries group! Fingers crossed.

Kim aka Mommy said...

YAY for Saturday IUI's!

Good luck girls!

ohchicken said...

what a perfect day for an iui. beautiful weather, bluest skies. spring! sending the most fertile, spring-like thoughts your way.

Unknown said...

Lots of luck!

Anonymous said...

1. Fingers Crossed!!!
2. I got pregnant on my most ho-hum cycle ever.
3. I think it isn't actually strength, but stubbornness that made me keep going. Not even a positive stubbornness, either. More like the kind that keeps a not-working relationship going for too long. Like, "Damnit! I've been with this woman for ten months, I've put up with her and she's put up with me. I'm going to make this work if it kills me." The funny thing is, unlike a bad relationship, this stubbornness resulted in a boon, rather than regret. Hmm. So, not exactly sage words of advice. Except, be stubborn.

Anonymous said...

oh wow! i'm all crossed for you darling. it sounds just perfect. ho-hum included.


Anonymous said...

Good call on the temping. It's stressful enough without that.
Here's hoping for ya!

j.k-c. said...

Fingers crossed for you! And I think I will follow your lead on the the temping break...I have LOVED not temping during this break. Good, good luck!

Becky Le Cochon said...

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Batty said...

Hey Guys,

Thinking of you and sending ++ vibes your way.

We got pregnant on the ho-hum *over it now* cycle :)

Renee :)

Ali said...

lots of luck, ladies! Tell me more about this acupuncture you are doing