June 30, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

We're headed north to Toronto for the long weekend and this will be Jack's first plane ride (I should post his passport picture on here, it's HILARIOUS!). Any advice from you traveling mamas on what to bring, what we should use at the airport or just travel tips in general? I'm a bit nervous on how this is going to play out.

I've gotten advice to breastfeed on takeoff and landing anything else I should know?


Anonymous said...

I love that they ask height for a baby's passport application, and it's funny you can put 24 inches. :)

Here is a link to a post about this, after we flew a few months ago.

Have fun!

Jen said...

I'm too afraid to fly with chunk so good for you!!!! I have also heard to breastfeed for their ears on take off. GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...

Here is a site with a ton of info on traveling with babies:

Is it weird that I bookmarked that? I thought it would be good to know in the future if I'm ever flying with a babe. I bookmark things a lot. :)

Please post the passport photo! Have a ton of fun on your trip, I'm sure it will be fine.

Lisa said...

I didn't have the extra hands so I found using my Ergo Carrier to be really helpful. I had his stroller/carseat loaded just before I got on to the plane (this was mostly out of fear of it getting destroyed if I checked it with regular luggage). I put him in the Ergo so that I could carry my suitcase and diaper bag. I brought a baby book, 3 extra outfits in case of accidents ( I ended up using two due to blow outs as we landed- not sure if there is a correlation), a plastic bag, diapers, bf cover, and paci. I only packed enough diapers for the plane ride and bought diapers when I got to Florida to give me space in my suitcase since I had to pack my pump. Also I dressed him in really comfy clothes and brought a zip up for him in case it got too cold but I ended up using my nursing cover to cover him after he nursed. BTW- your diaper bag isn't considered one of your carry ons which was so nice. Have fun.