September 17, 2007

Austin City Limits

We had such a great weekend hanging out with friends and listening to music. The festival was on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Aside from the scorching heat it was an amazing time.

We got to see:
Pete Yorn
Crowded House
Queens of the Stone Age
Steve Earle
Stephen Marley
Zap Mama
Damian Rice
Indigo Girls
Robert Earl Keen
Lucinda Williams
Regina Spektor
Ghostland Observatory
Bob Dylan & His Band

It was a great distraction to just sit, relax and listen to good music.

Thanks Kim (from Mommies in the Making) about your concern for our safety. We weren't close to the fire, Amy received some ash on her face but that was the extent of our injuries.

So today I'm 3/4DPI and completely exhausted. I wish I could chalk it up to pregnancy symptoms but alas it is too early and I know it's simply ACL hangover.


Anonymous said...

Thats awesome you guys had such a good time!!! Did you see Drew Berrymore making out with her new Boyfriend?? I heards she was there!!

Lo said...

Cool! Co loves Crowded House.

Kim aka Mommy said...

Welcome home! Sounds like yall had a great time. Glad to hear you were able to escape the burning porta-potties. ;o)

We're 6 DPI and I'm so tired I can hardly stand it. I try not think about it and tell myself it's probably just the progesterone but wouldn't it just be great!?....for BOTH of us!

Fun pic!

Sticky baby dust to us all!

Holly said...

Looks like a total blast!
Burning porta potties?!?!?! I must have missed that story!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like an amazing event! i wish we lived closer to someplace that held things like that. One day...