September 2, 2007


I wish the world could just stand still. Is it too hard to have 1 month where everything is perfect and nothing goes wrong so that we can simply focus on TTC. Unfortunately, life around us continues to move without any consideration of our plans.

I swear I'm trying really hard to be all come and zen but I've had a headache for the past 7 days and I'll be the first to admit that it's probably stress related. Work is crazy right now, there are things that need to be fixed in our house and yard, along with coordinating ACL and our insemination. I did check one item off my to do list and got life insurance this week.

Amy keeps telling me to stop stressing about stuff and to let her take on the stress. But that's not the roles of our relationship, I'm the stresser and she is the laid back one. It's going to be hard to let go of control and hand it over to Amy to take over. Today is the first day in 7 days that I've been headache free so I'm taking that as a sign that I'm slowly letting go (NOTE: Amy says I'm totally not!)


tbean said...

Sorry about the stress-induced headaches--I've been suffering them a lot lately too! But, don't assume that it will blow your chances this month. Plenty of women have conceived under stressful conditions, right??? Go out and have a beer while you still can! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm the one that stresses out in my relationship, while, DP is totally laid-back. Oh, to walk in her shoes for one day. Although, I am getting better about not worrying so much (especially the things I can not control). I have added meditation in my life...with some mantra of living in the present moment. Hey, I'm trying.

Sorry about the headaches. Mine where usually clomid induced. Have a good headache-free day:)

Eva said...

It sounds like you two are working it out. It's hard to let go of the stress. I am a control freak and both Nadia and I are stressors in the relationship, but we stress in different ways. I am not sure they are complimentary, but it definatley keeps things interesting. Just think, your situtation could be worse.

At any rate, I am glad that the headaches seems to have gone away. Hopefully, it won't come back.