March 4, 2009

Putting Things Into Perspective

Well the visit today was so so. Bunch of follicles, largest measuring 12mm. She said there will be a lot to work with if we have to move on to injectables, which is comforting. We're going to go back for another follicle scan to see if they are making any progress. I have a feeling they won't so I've more or less written this try as a no go. Given this, I think Amy and I are going to discuss doing injectables next cycle with our RE.

I was all ready to go in with my guns blazing about how stressed out I was about having to coordinate with the 2 doctors, how I was upset this time might not work etc. when I was slapped in the face with a heavy dose of reality.

In my initial complaint to the RE I mentioned my OBs mother-in-law was ill and that we were having trouble coordinating the insemination. It was then she told us that our OB/GYN is going through a lot right now. Apparently, her billing manager was murdered (shot by her husband)in the OBs office in December and our OB was the one who tried to resuscitate her.

As we sat there listening to this horrifying story of what had transpired in our doctor's office I felt both very fortunate and very small. As big and all encompassing as this whole process is in our life in the grand scheme of things I need to remember to give thanks for the things that I do have rather than just look at the things that others are getting or the things that I don't have.

So basically right now we are in a bit of state of limbo and I'm okay with that.

I want to thank you all for your support for the unfairness we have to go through at our REs clinic. Unfortunately (or fortunately) we love our RE and our OB/GYN. The practice our RE works for is run by a bunch of old curmudgeons and they are the ones dictating the "single woman" rule. Because we love her and our OB/GYN ALWAYS finds a way to fit us in during the week and comes in on the weekends just for us we're sticking where we are for now.


tbean said...

Wow. What a horrific event. Perspective does help. But it's also okay to be sad and stressed and angry. xoxo

Meredith said...

There is always something to be said for looking beyond ones self and family into the bigger picture. It's amazing how much we can flex our needs and wants to accommodate those we trust and respect to take care of our medical needs.

I'm sorry that you guys might have to move to injectables- but at least there are options right?

Anonymous said...

why are writing this cycle off? what day is today, cd12? you have plenty of time for that 12mm to grow (and a few of the smaller ones to catch up). im holding out hope for your next scan.

crazy, crazy story about your OB.

Anonymous said...

Yikes. How terrible.

Well, I'm not sorry that you might have to move to injectionables because even though I did not want to do them, they are the reason I have a baby right now. So I say bring on the sharps. It was worth it. I hope it will be for you, if you choose to do them.

K said...

What an admirable frame of mind you have. Count me on the "I'm not writing this cycle off yet" side of things, but no matter what happens, it sounds like you're ready to take it in stride.

I hope you don't even make it to injectibles, but if you do, I hope they bring you your long overdue BFP.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that despite the short comings, you like them and they serve you well. That's all that really matters.

What happened to your DR is horrifying. Makes me wish I could give her a big hug. So, so sad.

Crayonboxes said...

I am so sorry that so much is happening... Things will get better.. *hugs*

Holly said...

Melissa and Amy,
I have been reading your blog from the beginning and admire your strength to perservere and continue to try for your goals! You girls are a beautiful couple! Love the wedding pics.
My Amy and I have only been trying for 3 months now and are in the early stages. Wandered if you would be interested in our blog.