March 15, 2009

TTC History

One of the things I love on others' blogs is a brief (or in our case not so brief) history of how long they've been doing this and what they've done. Makes old timers like us feel less alone. So here goes:

Feb. 2007 - Started temping
Jul. 2007 - 50mg Clomid, Dry Run
Aug. 2007 - 50mg Clomid, IUI #1 - BFN
Sep. 2007 - 50mg Clomid, IUI #2 - BFN
Oct. 2007 - 50mg Clomid, IUI #3 - Annovulatory cycle
Dec. 2007 - Break (timing didn't work due to holidays)
Jan. 2008 - 100mg Clomid, IUI #4 - BFN (moved to monitored cycles)
Feb. 2008 - 100mg Clomid, IUI #5 - BFN
Mar. 2008 - 100mg Clomid - Annovulatory cycle
Apr. - Jun 2008 - 3 months forced break by OB/GY. Put on birth control
Jul. 2008 - 50mg Clomid, Annovulatory cycle
Aug. 2008 - 100mg Clomid, IUI #6 - BFN (switched donors)
Sep. 2008 - Break to meet with RE (had HSG and put on Cabergoline X2 a week because of high prolactin levels)
Oct. 2008 - Break for laparoscopy and hysteroscopy (fibroids removed)
Nov. 2008 - Break to recover from surgery
Dec. 2008 - 50mg Clomid - Annovulatory cycle
Jan. 2009 - 100mg Clomid, IUI #7 - BFN
Feb. 2009 - 100mg Clomid, Annovulatory cycle (moved to injectables) - BFN
Mar. 2009 - Try #8 Follistim - BFN
Scan #1: CD3: no cysts
Scan #2: CD6: E2=466, Endo: 8.3mm
Scan #3: CD8: E2=1247, Endo: 11.1mm; Ovidrel Trigger (Dominant Follicles: 2- 20mm)
IUI #1: CD9 (4/7)
IUI #2: CD10 (4/8)
Apr. 2009 - Break due to cysts (put on birth control)
May 2009 - Try #9 Follistim - BFP!! (6/5/09)
Scan #1: CD3: no cysts
Scan #2: CD7: E2=235, Endo: 5.9mm
Scan #3: CD10: E2=860, Endo: 8.6mm
Scan #4: CD12: E2=617, Endo: 11.3mm
Scan #5: CD13: E2=732, Endo: 10.8mm; Ovidril Trigger (Dominant Follicles: 20mm, 18mm and 17mm)
IUI #1: CD14 (5/21) - count: 18 million
IUI #2: CD15 (5/22) - count: 12 million

Beta #1: 14DPO - 115
Beta #2: 21DPO - 2420
Beta #3: 28DPO - 22,971

U/S #1: 7w6d (6/2)- singleton: 174BPM (measuring 7w5d)
U/S #2: 9w6d (7/16)- 180BPM (measuring 9w6d)
U/S #3: 11w6d (7/30)- 171BPM (measuring 12w2d)
U/S #4: 19w3d (9/21)- 133BPM (measuring 20w4d and weighs 14oz): Diagnosed with velamentous cord insertion
U/S #5: 23w5d (10/21)- 141BPM (measuring 25w6d and weighs 2.5 lbs.): rediagnosed(not velamentous cord insertion) with marginal cord insertion

Midwife Appointments:

27w5d (11/18/09): Estimated weight 2.5 lbs, still breech (pike position)


Lizzie said...

It's so hard to look at the whole list, isn't it? But we're definitely not alone.

Anonymous said...

here's hoping the list stops with #8! kinda crazy to see it all laid out like that, eh??

Lisa said...

I have to compose my cycle history in a few days in preparation for meeting with a new RE and I'm dreading it. 14 tries over 2 years is so exhausting. You are not alone.

2momswithaplan said...

Definitely not alone! The months seem to fly right by when you live cycle to cycle!

A said...

I have so many problems that my cycle history is so short because I can't get past all the problems. :( I hope you see a BFP soon!

Anonymous said...

I think you're due for a! I'm thinking of you.

J and DZ said...

Were you on BBC at the beginning of your attempts? I think I remember your picture. Our first cycle was September 2007 and I'm in the 2WW of our 8th cycle.

Good luck! hopefully #8 is good to both of us!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see this list end with a pregnancy. This has been a really long two years for you two and you have really duked it out through a lot of clomid cycles. I am waiting to see what new plan your RE is cooking up to help get this show on the road.