March 17, 2009

Rough Week

We're not off to a very good start. Anyone have suggestions of fun blogs/websites they visit to make them happy or pass the time?

Mine are:
Cake Wrecks
Fail Blog
and of course Facebook

oh and reading Doc Jensen's theories on LOST.
Doc Jensen

I need a distraction! Anyone have other guilty pleasures?


Anonymous said...

i like the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks (unnecessaryquotes dot com)

hope your week turns around!

Lizzie said...

i'm a political junkie and spend hours on huffington post and sites like that. and etsy. i loooove etsy for crafts. sorry you're having a crap week! xo

Anonymous said...

First, I'm sorry you're having a rough week!

Second, I love all of blogs you listed. They make me laugh even on dark days. This one may be waaaaay to last year, but I some days I love lolcats dot com too.

Thinking happy thoughts for you.

This Mom said...

I love browsing Especially the cooking section, but it's all fun.

tbean said...

Sorry for the crap week. I'm a big fan of afterellen for fun and diversion. xo

Anonymous said...

I am the biggest dork EVER. I like to watch puppy and kitten clips on utube. Search 'puppy whistle', it's my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I have just spent considerable time seeking out distraction. Here is my very eclectic list. I also love failblog!

A Death at a Funeral (very funny indy film)
Step Brothers
Muppets take Manhattan

Bow Grip by Ivan E. Coyote

Post Secret
Ilanio Wear

Youtube my favorite clips are: Monkey but sniff

Dramatic Chipmunk

xoxoxox hugs for you two!! Lemme know if you need more ideas.

Anonymous said...

oops! Forget that book, Bow Grip, that is totally wrong for right now.

I recommend Three cups of Tea instead.

Anonymous said...

I love the LOST theory site!!

I like, Paperbackswap, and the Daily Beast....

Hang in there.

N said...

(Stranger dropping in - hi!) I love pioneerwoman, too. And if you like CakeWrecks and have any interest in real estate at all, It's Lovely I'll Take It will often make you laugh.