April 23, 2009

The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Good: Amy got a promotion today! I'm so so proud of her. She's been working so hard and is totally deserving.

Bad: Follicle scan this morning showed multiple cysts.

Ugly: Looks like once again we are on hold *sigh* Why can't we seem to ever catch a break in the TTC department. I'm starting birth control pills today and go in for a follow up scan in 2 weeks. I'm not going to lie, all the old feelings of being a broken dysfunctional human being came rushing back but I was able to not dwell in the darkness for too long. I just have to keep reminding myself that we aren't in a race and that it will happen when it's supposed to happen.

Side note: You MUST MUST see the documentary "Dear Zachary" (if any of you have Netflix you can watch it instantly). It is one of the most astonishing and tragic films I have ever seen. Make sure to watch it with Kleenex.


Lizzie said...

oh, damn. i'm so sorry you're out this cycle. you're right, though, about it not being a race. got to keep that perspective. xoxoxo

Lisa said...

I'm screaming inside for you. This is such a freaken frustrating process. I have a quick question about cysts...have you had cycles where one month of birth control pills resolved the issues? This is my first cycle with a cyst on the right side and I'm not sure what to expect.

Next in Line said...

I am flaying on the ground in a full temper tantrum. Now that I have stopped and can type...You two are troopers! I have so much respect for you and know that with all the patience you have had to dig deep to find you will find away and you will be amazing parents. Heal up quick little cysts! We've got work to do.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the pormotion Amy!!

ohchicken said...

congrats on the promotion. i am SO sorry for how rough a time you're having. i wish there were words that would make it better. i think you have the healthiest perspective possible, and i KNOW you will have your baby.

re zachary, i watched it. and my whole body aches with grief for that family. i just can't even comprehend that kind of evil, or the possibility of surviving it. kate and david are so so so very strong.

A said...

I'm so sorry you are on hold again. That SUCKS!!

Gayby Rabies said...

Sorry to hear about the cyst setback. But congratulations on the promotion! That's such great news, especially in this economy.

Anonymous said...

A. Congrats, Amy!!

B. So sorry about the wait. You ladies are due for some positive news in this whole journey.

I watched Dear Zachary today, and you were right - it is astonishing. Thank you for the recommendation.