April 4, 2009

Things Are Moving Along Quickly

Had our scan today (CD6) and have been inundated with information that I'm still trying to weed through. In summary:

CD3-5: 150IU
CD6: 100IU
CD7: 50IU

CD6: 466

Endo Lining:
CD6: 8.3mm

Right side: 2-14mm, 2-11mm, 2-10mm and 9mm
Left side: 13mm, 11mm and 10mm

We go in again for another scan Monday morning. That's the good news. Now for the bad news. This has been a heinous week. Not only did 1/4 of our roof shingles blow off our house on Tuesday but on Friday I dented/scraped Amy's passenger side door of her car (not going to lie it's pretty bad).

We've been told by a previous adjuster that our roof is crap so we're hoping that this adjuster tells us we need a whole new roof instead of just a patch job(which will get covered under insurance) and since Amy's car is a company car we're hoping any out-of-pocket expenses we are responsible for are minimal.

I'm hoping this is the universe's way of dumping loads of crap on us so that we can be extra happy when the good news comes later this month in the form of a BFP :)


Next in Line said...

I love that you are going to an appointment and they have to count how many follicles instead disappointing news. Now if only the dam house and car weren't falling apart things would be peachy.

Anonymous said...

what a great follicle count! sounds like your cycle is off to a wonderful start.

sorry about all the other craptastic stuff going on - i agree though, its only going to make the upcoming BFP extra wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Oh, your BFP is gonna be so sweet you won't care if you have a roof or a car!

tbean said...

Sounds like you are responding really well to the injectibles. Yay! I hope this is it for you, I really do!

Gayby Rabies said...

It sounds like you're responding perfectly- making enough follicles so you'll have plenty to work with, but not TOO many so the doctors cancel this cycle. I hope this turns out to be the lucky cycle for you!

Anonymous said...

Your follicle count looks GREAT!! It's going to be a good month.

Sister, been there with the car denting. I feel your pain!

Lisa said...

Nice growth.

Quick question... will the step aerobics get any harder? I'm on advanced to the point where it has me kick my foot or go on the wii sideways (purple feet) but wanna know if it's going to get any harder.

What other wii games do you have?